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4 Tips on How to Save Money on Concert Tickets

Like most things in life, buying concert tickets is a great gamble, especially on a budget. With concert tickets selling out so fast, finding great seats for a reasonable price seems like an impossible task – yet one that’s worth trying.

Like any gamble, buying a concert ticket is a  strategic move that needs to be well thought out. Being able to see your favorite artist live is an amazing experience that you’ll never forget. So, here are a few tips for you to follow up on your money saving strategy.

Join A Fan Club


A quick, cheap and easy way to get concert tickets is by joining artists’ fan clubs! They are a perfect way to ensure you’re the first to know about any upcoming events and get you a head start on the market. With numerous clubs online, you can easily join to discover member only exclusive deals and offers. There’s no limit on how many you join as most of them are free! So, join as many as you like to search for money-saving deals and advanced tour dates.

But, depending on the artist, you may not always find deals. Some artists aren’t as generous to their fans as others and don’t offer presale tickets or priority deals.

For example, the recent Taylor Swift pre-sale demonstrated the use of the new Ticketmaster “verified fan.” In this case, they sold pre-sale tickets only to ‘real fans.’ Which raised the question, how did you become a real fan? By enrolling in Taylor Swift’s fan club – €50 a year -, buying merchandise, and acquiring their new albums. In other words, spending a lot of money.

So, only fans that spend a lot could access pre-sale tickets. It’s clear that all that was intended here was to make more money from fans. Also, in this case, accessing the cheaper codes didn’t even ensure that fans got tickets.

Note: it’s worth the effort joining to find out if these deals are available, as most of these fan clubs are free, and again, depending on the artist you could find it’s worth your time and efforts.

It’s All About Timing


When it comes to buying concert tickets, if your timing is off, it could cost you between managing to buy tickets at face value or having to buy on the secondary market from expensive resale sites.

As the race to buy concert tickets on the primary market begins, it’s very easy to miss out. But, if you don’t manage to get tickets on-sale, be patient! Often, after the first show is sold out, the artist announces additional dates and promoters release more tickets, then the game is on again.

Note; buying tickets isn’t an exact science. We can’t specifically tell you that the optimal time to buy a ticket for artist X at venue Y is Z price. Many things come into play, from location to type of artist, to season, making it difficult to determine the best time to buy.

However, as a general rule never buy on the resale market during the initial sale out of panic. We know that in the weeks leading up to an event ticket prices on the secondary market drop. However, waiting until the last minute to buy seems like a scary concept to some, but you never know, you may end up finding a reasonably priced ticket with the perfect seats to have a memorable experience without it costing an arm and a leg.

Most people tend to focus on the inflated prices of the resale market. However, almost 50% of events are sold at a much lower price than face value. For example, Lady Gaga concert tickets priced at €60 were re-sold for €10.

Check Out Nearby Cities


Are you eager to see queen B live but can’t find any available seats in your hometown? Well, just as Beyonce is traveling on tour, so can you!  Artists have multiple shows across multiple locations. If you’ve missed one, you always have the opportunity to find seats in a different town – maybe even a smaller one where tickets aren’t as expensive.

Fans in London or New York, for example, know very well how high demand concerts in their cities are. And, they also know how much these concerts can be damaging to their bank accounts. Sure, attending the concert in your hometown is easier, but, if it means you can see your favorite artist for cheaper one town over, it seems like there is no contest.

So, don’t narrow your search to the big cities, open up your options and include all the locations – just one bus ride away and you can be seeing your favorite artist for less!

Weeknights Are The New Weekends


Fans looking to see an in-demand artist that’s performing across multiple nights should check out if they have any weeknight performances. The day of the week tends to have a significant impact on show prices. You can find yourself paying 14% less on a weeknight than let’s say a Friday or Saturday night. You’ll find attending a weeknight show is definitely worth it. You’ll not only be attending the show you’ve been dreaming of but also, doing so at a bargain.

More so, your chances of securing great seats on a weeknight are exponentially higher than a weekend show. People are less inclined to attend a weekend show, due to work or other commitments. Meaning that you have higher chances of scoring cheaper tickets and better seats.

So, before you buy, check out if your chosen artist is performing on a weeknight. If you’re willing to attend, you’ll find yourself having a great time without worrying about price.

Conclusion: SeatPick can help you

So, before throwing a lot of money on expensive tickets do extensive research into your chosen artist and their upcoming tour, while taking into consideration your budget. At SeatPick, we can help you do all this hassle-free, as we consider ourselves one of the best sites for cheap concert tickets.

Whether you wait last minute, attend a different city on a weeknight, or join a fan club, you have multiple options at your disposal. You’ll be shocked to discover how easy it is to find a money-saving ticket and have a memorable concert experience.