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Time to talk about one of the big guns in the English Premier League, shall we? Chelsea FC is one of the professional football clubs plying their trade in the top tier of English football known as the English Premier League. The club and all its properties are situated in Chelsea, London, England. Chelsea FC plays its football home games at the Stamford Bridge and this traditional fortress has a capacity of 40,453. Some may regard them as the “Pensioners” but their true nickname is “The Blues” which has been adopted adopted because of their all blue jersey.

Quick Fact: Did you know that Chelsea’s stadium was originally built with a capacity of 100,000?

Chelsea is one of the giants of English football and it has remained so for quite some time now. Even though the club wasn’t quite successful in its early years, its fortune has been transformed majestically since the involvement of Roman Abramovich. The club’s best spell in their history has come under the guidance of the Russian. Thanks to the financial muscle displayed in recent seasons, Chelsea now has some of the game’s finest in their team such as Eden Hazard, Ngolo Kante, Gonzalo Higuain, and David Luiz amongst many more. They are currently managed by Maurizio Sarri, the Italian who’s renowned for his amazing and unique style of play called the “Sarri-Ball”. You wouldn’t want to witness the best of Sarri-Ball if you were an opposing fan, that’s for sure. Last season saw them finishing outside the top four, which meant that they would have to play this season in the Europa League. This amongst some other issues led to the sacking of Antonio Conte who was swiftly replaced by Sarri.

Quick Fact: Did you that Chelsea (alongside Arsenal) were the first football clubs to play a football game with numbered jersey shirts (25th August 1928)?

One of the most beautiful seasons in the club’s history came when they won the UEFA Champions League by defeating Bayern Munich on penalties. Although they had won the UEFA Cup before this, yet it can’t be compared with a major European Cup triumph. Most Chelsea fans don’t consider their two neighbouring rivals, in QPR and Fulham, as major threats. However, many consider Arsenal as their fiercest rival while other rivalries exist in the forms of Tottenham, Liverpool, Manchester City and Man Utd. Chelsea fans often regard their Arsenal counterparts as passionless supporters and troll them about how their stadium lacks vibe. Arsenal on the other side, will never stop trolling Chelsea with their infamous song “You weren’t there before the money”.

The team has been filled with some of the greatest talents on soccer and some of the biggest names have worn the Blue uniform in the last decades. Didier Drogba, Frank Lampard, and John Terry were the stars that ran the team success in the last 15 years. Huge managers have also been around to claim many titles, cups and important seasons, including Jose Mourinho, Roberto Di Matteo, and Carlo Ancelotti. Due to the high expected level of performance, many great names have come and go, including Fernando Torres, Michael Ballack, Arjen Robben, Michael Essien, Petr Cech and many more, which some might still be playing in great clubs around Europe or currently retired.

The recent success of the team can be attributed to stars such as Eden Hazard and N'golo Kante. Not to mention newcomer coach Maurizio Sarri who's been surprising everyone around the league with his creative style of play.

Chelsea's most successful period has come in the last 15 years. Their large fan base has been constantly increasing potentially due to the increase in popularity of the Premier League around the world.

The year 2012 might be the most memorable year for Chelsea fans, when the team went to the Allianz Arena in Munich and beat Bayern Munich for their only Champions League title, beating the odds and providing quality and strength, while making them the only team in London to win the Champions League. After the 2013 season in which they won the Europa League, Chelsea became the first English team to win the 4 European titles and the only club to hold the Champions and European league titles at the same time.

The fiercest Chelsea's rivals in the league are Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs), Arsenal and Manchester United, in no particular order. But they also hold strong competitive nature against the West London teams, Fulham, West Ham, and QPR.

Which Chelsea FC tickets are easier to find?

Without a shadow of a doubt, Premier League match tickets are the hardest to come by. If you missed your chance, there are still some other options:

  • FA Cup
  • European games

Getting tickets for these would be significantly easier, with or without membership.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chelsea

Can I buy Chelsea FC tickets outside of EU?

Definitely yes! Wherever you are, you can be sure that you can find Chelsea FC tickets, even from abroad, have a look at the Chelsea schedule, pick the event you want and find the best ticket deal for the match on SeatPick.

How to buy Chelsea FC tickets?

It is recommended you apply for a club membership before the start of the season in order to get priority to Chelsea FC’s ticket sales. However, there are a bunch of third-party providers that sell Chelsea FC tickets to non-members on the secondary market.

Can I buy Chelsea FC tickets without a membership?

Yes, especially in cases where you haven’t planned ahead or if you are planning to attend a Chelsea FC match and you decide to buy your ticket in the last minute. SeatPick‘s whole mission is to get you to the match you want to see by searching and comparing hundreds of other offers on the market, so there is no need for a membership.

How are Chelsea FC tickets sold?

Season ticket holders are the first one in line to get Chelsea FC tickets. For two weeks, club members can purchase tickets for Chelsea’s events. However, season ticket holders are allowed to buy more than one ticket only if they have accumulated enough loyalty points. This process goes on for about two weeks. After that, the tickets that have remained unsold are released to the broad public through what is referred to as “General Sale”.

How much does a membership cost?

The lowest-tiered membership goes for approximately £26 for the entire season and allows the owner priority access to Chelsea tickets. Memberships that come with added benefits usually revolve around £90 per season.

Where to find cheap Chelsea FC tickets?

Going for a membership pretty much guarantees you’ll get priority access to at least one ticket at an advantageous price. However, there are plenty of tempting offers on the second market where Chelsea FC’s affiliates sell match tickets for fair prices.

How to buy cheap Chelsea tickets?

Cheap Chelsea tickets can be difficult to find. So what can you do to find cheap Chelsea Premier League tickets? First, you can try your luck on the official site. If you can't find Chelsea match tickets on the official site, then you can save money on Blues tickets and find cheap Chelsea tickets on SeatPick where there are no additional hidden fees and you can find the best prices on the market. You will be able to sort all the listings on the event page by clicking on the "sort by price" button and find the cheapest Chelsea tickets that are available online.

How much are Chelsea tickets?

Chelsea ticket prices can fluctuate dramatically on the ticket market during the season. Usually, Chelsea tickets on the ticket market cost an average of £286. For this season, Chelsea tickets will cost on average a minimum of £112 per ticket.

Where do Chelsea plays?

Chelsea home games are played at Stamford Bridge London, England. A detailed seating chart of the stadium, reviews and tips can be found on our Stamford Bridge Seating Plan page.

How to buy Chelsea tickets?

SeatPick, the largest ticket search engine on the web, is the best place to search and buy Chelsea tickets.
  1. Check out the list of upcoming 2021 Chelsea match dates you'd like to attend.
  2. On the next page, you will be able to select the area or section that you would like to sit within the venue after you have selected the number of tickets that you are after.
  3. Select the exact area or section that you would like to sit within the venue on the right-hand side and proceed to the checkout in order to finish your order.

Chelsea Schedule

The Blues schedule is typically released in the month of June. Please see above all the Blues matches and browse by home or away matches.

Chelsea Ticket Prices by Season

SeasonLocationAverage Ticket Price
2021Stamford Bridge€246
2020Stamford Bridge€222
2019Stamford Bridge€259
2018Stamford Bridge€269
2017Stamford Bridge€220
2016Stamford Bridge€222

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