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Tottenham Hotspur FC is one of the strongest and biggest clubs based out of London. 
Also known as the Spurs, they are coached and led by Jose Mourinho one of the best coaches in the world. With the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and the strong financial backing behind them, the Spurs are setting the expectations at an all-time high and their future looks highly promising. Be sure to Get your Tottenham Hotspur tickets in a safe and secure manner with SeatPick, the largest European ticket search engine online, where you can find the biggest ticket selection at the best prices.

Tottenham Hotspur 2022/2023 Fixtures

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About Tottenham Hotspur Tickets 2022/23

Historically, Tottenham has always been a high tempo and energetic football team. It begs the question, where does the historical tempo stem from? You won’t believe what you are about to read, yet it’s the big fat TRUTH. The club’s name stems from a man called Sir Harry Hotspur, who featured in a Shakespearean play. He was a very intense and fierce soldier. The club took up this name and became “Spurs”, which is the short form of Tottenham Hotspur. 
Tottenham Hotspur holds a current valuation of 1.3 billion dollars. They are owned by ENIC Group, which is an investment firm based in London, holding a majority of shares in the organization (85%).

The team was founded in 1882 by a group of schoolboys led by Bobby Buckle.
It has been a long time since the last trophy was won by the Spurs, but their notable continuous competitiveness in the league and in international tournaments has kept them relevant.
 Andre Villas-Boas and Tim Sherwood were the 2 previous coaches before Pochettino's arrival. Great players like Gareth Bale, Luka Modric, and Robbie Keane are just a few of the many stars that have worn the Spurs uniform and have managed to leave a mark on the club.

Jimmy Greaves might be considered the Spurs all-time best player, leading the team in the all-time scoring list. Nowadays, the talent that runs around the club lies behind English striker Harry Kane, Danish master Christian Eriksen and South Korean midfielder Heung Min Son. The Spurs can be considered the most complete team in the Premier League and also the most consistent since they’ve been very close to winning the championship in the last few seasons, but unfortunately still coming short on their aspirations.
Since playing at W Wembley, Tottenham Hotspur has held the highest average basis. The most heated rivalry for Tottenham is against Arsenal, both teams are competing for the right to be named the best team in the North of London. Other important rivals are Chelsea, Manchester United and West Ham United.


Club Nickname:

  • Spurs

Quick Fact: Spurs are also called the lilywhites which is a nick inspired by the color of their shirts.

Team Info:

Tottenham Hotspur is currently managed by one of the best managers in the game, Mauricio Pochettino; who many believe is the man to take Spurs to the next level. Strong and financially stable, Spurs are spoilt with talents across every department in the team. They have arguably the best striker in the league in Harry Kane, World Cup winner, Hugo Lloris, the exciting Dele Alli, the pass king Eriksen and of course the magician Son Heung-min to name but a few.

Current League:

  • Tottenham Hotspur is presently in the Premier League.

Past Seasons achievement:

Tottenham has won the FA Cup on eight occasions and in 1963 it became the first British club to win a European competition. Last season (2017/2018) saw Tottenham finishing in the third position with 77 points, one place below their position (2nd place finish) in the 2016/2017 season which represented the club’s best league performance. In the 2018/2019 Tottenham has reached their first-ever Champions League final.


Formerly, the club played at White Hart Lane. However, after a brief spell at the Wembley Stadium, Tottenham moved to its £1 billion state of the art venue – the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium - a modern day wonder with a capacity of 62,062.


  • A seating pitch of 35 degrees
  • 1,800 HD TVs
  • A microbrewery and a 65-metre long bar
  • A retractable pitch
  • Apart from the surface football pitch, it has a second surface which is an artificial NFL field — which is designed to slide below the stands and grows in an oxygen-and-light-rich space.


Tottenham’s biggest competition and rivalry comes in the form of Arsenal and quite understandably so considering that the two clubs are within touching distance of each other, geographically. Whenever these two lock horns in what is called the North London Derby, it is always intense and fierce. Other highly anticipated tottenham hotspur fixtures come in the form of London rivals Chelsea, West Ham United and domestic rivals Liverpool ,as well as Man Utd and even Man City.

Tottenham season card ticket prices

Spurs ticket prices can vary greatly throughout the season. Prices Depending on the opponent and timing of the season tend to fluctuate. The official cheapest price for season members in the stadium are:

  • £795 for adults,
  • £595 for young adults
  • £595 for young adults
  • £397.50 for young children

As the prices above are for fans with a Tottenham membership and Tottenham tickets tend to be sold out, you can still find cheap Tottenham tickets through SeatPick by comparing hundreds of ticket sellers, we are able to find the best deals on the market. In general, the average resale price for a Tottenham Hotspur-ticket is £280.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tottenham Hotspur

How to buy Tottenham e-tickets?

If you're looking for a hassle-free way to buy Tottenham tickets, you've come to the right place. \nSeatPick is the world's largest ticket marketplace connecting buyers with sellers, as a result, SeatPick has the largest variety selection of Tottenham e-tickets all in one place.

Why should I choose SeatPick over another ticket seller to buy Spurs tickets?

The answer is rather simple, not all ticket sellers are the same, here at SeatPick we strive to bring you all the relevant information in real-time before you buy your Tottenham Fc ticket. Use our interactive seating charts, compare dozens of sellers in seconds in one place and make the best value for money decision using our algorithms whenever you buy your Spurs tickets.

How to get Tottenham tickets?

Your best bet is to sign up for a season ticket. You can do that before the start of each new season on Tottenham’s official website. Registration is closed for the season in progress, but you can apply for next season. If you don’t want to become a member, you can always turn to resellers and purchase your ticket from there, SeatPick helps you compare all the biggest resellers in one place.

How to buy Tottenham home tickets?

Tottenham home tickets are available either through the official club or through ticket resellers, SeatPick will help you compare all the best Tottenham home ticket options on the market from multiple ticket sellers.

Do I have to be a member to buy Tottenham tickets?

Short answer, no you don't have to have a Tottenham membership. You always have the option to buy your Spurs tickets from safe resellers who offer a ticket guarantee, and there are always Tottenham tickets for sale on SeatPick.

How to buy Tottenham away tickets?

If you own a season ticket, you will get notified about the availability of the away tickets straight away. On their website, the Spurs have a loyalty program in place, as well, that will be used as a differentiator whenever there are too many subscriptions for a given event. Alternatively, you can always turn to secondary markets, free of any forms and subscriptions.

Can I buy Tottenham tickets from anywhere in the world?

Absolutely yes! you can try your luck and sign up to the Tottenham season ticket waiting list, alternatively pick one of the matches you plan to attend on SeatPick, browse through the ticket listings, choose your seat and you’re ready to go.\n

Where to find cheap Tottenham tickets?

It would be best if you had a season ticket to make sure you get notified straight away of the ticket's availability once it goes for sale on the official site. However, since there is a limited number of memberships being rolled out every season, SeatPick is here to sift through hundreds of offers from different resellers and bring you the best prices on the market whenever tickets are not available through the official channels.

How to buy Tottenham season tickets?

The club offers a One Hotspur Membership which the fans can use to buy their season tickets. Note that only one ticket per membership is sold. Depending on the perks offered, there are 3 types of memberships: One Hotspur Silver, One Hotspur Gold, and One Hotspur Premium. One Hotspur Membership owner who signed up for the season ticket waiting list will be automatically announced when previous holders chose not to renew their season tickets.

How to buy cheap Tottenham Hotspur tickets?

It is always a challenge to get cheap Tottenham Hotspur tickets. There are multiple ways to buy cheap Tottenham Hotspur Premier League tickets. You can try your luck on the Tottenham ticket official page when tickets are released for sale to the general public, alternatively, you can purchase an Tottenham member card that will give you priority access to the Tottenham home matches. If Tottenham Hotspur match tickets are sold out at the box office, then another way to find cheap Tottenham Hotspur tickets is to try to time the market and buy your tickets close to the event as prices drop on SeatPick. You can sort through all the ticket listings on the event page by clicking on the "sort by price" button and get the cheapest Tottenham Hotspur tickets available on the resale market.

How much are Tottenham Hotspur tickets?

Tottenham Hotspur ticket prices on the secondary market can vary depending on number of factors. Tickets for Tottenham Hotspur home matches will usually cost an average of £222 per ticket. Normally, Tottenham Hotspur tickets can be found on the ticket market as low as £95.

Where do Tottenham Hotspur plays?

Tottenham Hotspur home stadium is the Tottenham Hotspur which is located in London, United Kingdom. Be sure to have a look at our extensive Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Seating Plan and get all the most important info on what is the best place to sit at the stadium.

How to buy Tottenham Hotspur tickets?

Ticket marketplaces such as SeatPick help fans find the best ticket deals online, by sorting through all the best ticket sellers, SeatPick is the most affordable and safest option to buy Tottenham Hotspur tickets on the web.

  1. Check out the list of upcoming 2022 Tottenham Hotspur match dates you'd like to attend.
  2. You can use the interactive Tottenham Hotspur seating chart to check the availability in different sections. To find cheap Tottenham Hotspur tickets for the chosen event you can adjust the price range filter to display only listings in a specific ticket price range. Also, you can sort the ticket listings by the best deal, by the best price and even by best location.
  3. To buy Tottenham Hotspur tickets, you need to choose the ticket listing and you will be directed to the checkout process to complete your order.

Playing At

Tottenham Hotspur will be playing at the following cities and venues in the upcoming 2022/2023 season, if Tottenham Hotspur currently has any scheduled games then you can scroll up this page and find the full Tottenham Hotspur Fixtures list, pick the event you are looking for and buy your Tottenham Hotspur match tickets.

Tottenham Hotspur Ticket Prices by Season

SeasonLocationAverage Ticket Price
2021Tottenham Hotspur Stadium£156
2020Tottenham Hotspur Stadium£165
2019Tottenham Hotspur Stadium£132
2018Tottenham Hotspur Stadium£180
2017Tottenham Hotspur Stadium£156
2016Tottenham Hotspur Stadium£135
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