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    About Concert Tickets 2024

    SeatPick has developed, over the years, a stellar reputation among concert-goers as the leading resource to help them secure tickets for any show they care to attend. This includes providing access to the hottest shows in town, from Taylor Swift to Nicki Minaj, from the Foo Fighters to Coldplay, from Adele to Ed Sheeran, and from Gregory Porter to Human League. You will find it all here.

    Because we are aligned with hundreds of the most trusted ticket reseller sites, our users can access an unrivalled inventory of tickets that covers all major music acts and artists. Via our platform, fans can then make an informed purchase, having compared prices and found the deal that suits them best.

    Music Tickets

    The technological age has led to a marked resurgence in live music. The big reason for this is that all musicians, bands, DJs and solo artists who had previously seen the lion's share of their revenue coming from the sale of physical music (such as through the sales of CDs, Vinyl and tapes, yes, cassette tapes) have seen that his revenue stream has been greatly reduced due to the advent of the internet.

    Now, to counter this loss of earnings, musical acts are getting back on the road in a big way, and that's great for us, the music fans who love to experience that magical sensation of seeing our heroes up on stage performing our favourite tracks live and in person, an experience like no other.

    As you can see from the list below, the rejuvenated live show market has led to the complete re-shifting of those acts placed on the list of the highest-grossing tours of all time.

    Top Ten Highest-Grossing Tours of All Time

    1. The Rolling Stones No Filter Tour 2017-2021

    2. The Rolling Stones A Bigger Bang Tour 2005-2007

    3. Beyonce Renaissance World Tour 2023

    4. Guns N' Roses Not In This Lifetime Tour 2016-2019

    5. Harry Styles Love On Tour 2021-2023

    6. Coldplay Music of the Spheres World Tour 2022-2024

    7. U2 U2 360 Tour 2009-2011

    8. Ed Sheeran Divide Tour 2017-2019

    9. Elton John Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour 2018-2023

    10. Taylor Swift The Eras Tour 2023-2024

    Another key factor that has very much boosted concert attendance was the global pandemic that saw most of us unable to get our regular dose of live music, leaving us eager to get reacquainted with the buzz and excitement that comes from being among fellow likeminded music fans, drinking in the heady atmosphere, the sounds, the smells and the taste of the venues that played host to those shows we missed so much over that dark period.

    This has led to a massive renaissance for the humble concert. Whether you are a fan of hip-hop or rock, pop or folk, indie or electronic, you are going to want to get your hands on concert tickets to see your chosen artist strut their stuff on the stage.

    To this end, we have you covered. This is the case regardless of the size and stature of the artist or the location they are playing in. From the biggest gigs in the world in the most famous and sizable stadiums around, to small intimate club nights in any city in the UK, SeatPick will get you there.

    Tour Dates

    So, your favourite artist, band or singer is planning a trip on the road or perhaps a residency or maybe just a one-off concert; here at SeatPick, you can search by artist to find out all the upcoming tour dates that they have lined up.

    Our service covers all genres, and that means we have the broadest collection of concert tickets in the world. We cover all tastes, from those who like their guitars and metal heads who want their music dialled up to eleven to jazz lovers with a more refined palette.

    SeatPick really is a ticket lovers dreamland where you can find all manner of musical acts listed, bringing fans one step closer to their heroes. Availability is always high due to the sheer scale of the partners we work with.

    SeatPick - How It Works

    Our website is purpose-built to best serve music fans. The easy-to-use platform that we have built has evolved into a state-of-the-art resource, ready for you to shop for tickets with a minimum of fuss and with a guarantee of being able to find precisely what you are looking for.

    Simply select the relevant artist you wish to see live, and then you'll find a selection of upcoming live music shows. These will be throughout the world, from North America to Europe, Asia to South America and Oceania, depending on just how expansive your chosen artist's tour happens to be.

    You then get to access the vast number of ticketing options for your chosen date, and via our site, you'll see hundreds of choices across various types, from some at face value, from general admission all the way to hospitality and VIP packages.

    You then select those that work best for your wallet and schedules and complete your transaction, all with the added peace of mind that comes from our purchase guarantee. Remember, we only work with the most reputable ticket reseller outlets, and you can find the best deal in seconds.

    Our comparison service also includes none of those annoying hidden fees that some might charge.

    Kings of the Resale Market

    For many, music is life, and the allure and pull of a live concert is strong. Whether that's a weekend at a packed festival in a park in July or a Friday night in a cosy, intimate local venue near home, within a click or two, you can have your hands on tickets for your chosen events.

    You never need to miss out on a live date again. Where previously, you may have experienced the disappointment of missing out on scoring the music tickets you desire because perhaps you were not quick enough to purchase them when first released at the box office, or maybe you were simply unaware that your chosen act was in town. With SeatPick, we have all your bases covered.

    Additional Resources - Keeping You Ahead of the Curve

    SeatPick is dedicated to aiding your efforts to score the best-priced tickets in town and also to heighten your overall enjoyment.

    To this end we look to keep fans ahead of the curve with crucial ticket information, tour announcements and information on the locations that your chosen act is playing at.

    We also bring you useful venue guides, including interactive seating maps, to help you get a better idea of where you'll be positioned in a chosen venue. This will help you get the best view of your beloved bands or singers.

    With all events we list, we provide information regarding potential age restrictions as well as who may be appearing in support slots or as special guests. All of this is geared to make sure that you get the most out of any date or event that you attend.

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