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About Coldplay Tickets 2023

Coldplay were formed in 1997 and experienced near-instant success when their debut album Parachutes stormed the charts, giving the band a number-one album in the UK and going on to sell upwards of nine million copies, with the track Yellow proving a massive success.

Continued Success

Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, and Will Champion put their efforts into a follow-up that would be as huge as their first LP and outdid themselves with A Rush of Blood to the Head going on to sell nearly five million copies in the United States alone and with this second album, notoriously a tough one to produce, becoming the impetus for huge success on the road.

Viva La Vida

In 2008 Coldplay became the first British act to have a number one in the UK and the US at the same time since the Spice Girls in 1997.

Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends and Mylo Xyloto were further illustrations of a band on the way up, as were the 2014 release Ghost Stories and 2015's A Head Full of Dreams. They are without doubt the best British group to see live, with frontman Chris Martin being the heart and soul of the band.

The opportunity to see the band on stage is one that fans will not want to miss. Coldplay have sold more records than just about any current artist, with record after record selling by the bucketload.

Their most familiar tracks include hits Paradise, Viva la Vida, Fix You, A Sky Full of Stars, Clocks, and My Universe.

Latest Album

Their latest album, 2021's Music of the Spheres, further solidified their popularity, reaching number one in over a dozen countries. Their first eight studio albums have sold over 100 million copies.

Multiple Award Winners

They are now considered one of the favourite artists around, and they have won countless accolades, from Grammy Awards to winning Best British Group and Best British Album at the Brit Awards.

Amazing Live Act

In concert, they are a near-flawless act that has honed their talents over the past twenty years to become one of the most sought-after bands in the world, with dates to their tours selling out weeks in advance.

About Coldplay Tickets

Interest in seeing Coldplay shows not only stems from their expansive catalogue of great songs but also the development of an immersive live experience that makes Coldplay tickets like gold dust.

Best Chance of Success

Perhaps your efforts to get Coldplay tickets via other means have failed, selling out instantly even before you get in an online queue, but via SeatPick, you'll have a much better chance of getting tickets to Coldplay events.

We work with trusted resellers and ticket websites to offer fans of the group a wide array of tickets at the best prices.

Tickets Available Now

Our site provides Coldplay fans the best chance of seeing a gig in their chosen city, performing their hits to an enraptured audience hanging on their every lyric.

A Coldplay gig is an event, a night to remember, and their stadium tours create an atmosphere quite unlike any other band today.

The current average starting price for Coldplay tickets is 237, and you can find tickets for any date of their current tour right now.

Coldplay tickets are on sale at SeatPick right now for tour dates in every location, from Manchester and Cardiff to Milan and Zurich.

Check out the Coldplay tickets listings on this page and purchase your tickets to see and hear your musical heroes performing to the masses.

Frequently Asked Questions about Coldplay

How much are Coldplay tickets?

Coldplay Ticket prices can vary greatly according to the supply and demand on the market. SeatPick has the cheapest Coldplay ticket prices on the market, by aggregating multiple ticket sites, SeatPick guarantees that you will be able to find the most competitive prices to the Coldplay show. Coldplay tickets will usually cost €530 per ticket. Currently, Coldplay live show tickets start at a minimum €237 per ticket.

Coldplay Tour Dates and Ticket Prices

You can find below the list of all the upcoming Coldplay tour dates, scheduled cities and venues that Coldplay will perform at. Scroll up on this page in order to buy tickets to all the available Coldplay shows.

Jan 19, 2024BulacanPhilippine Arena$282
Jan 20, 2024BulacanPhilippine Arena$107
Jan 23, 2024SingaporeSingapore National Stadium$149
Jan 24, 2024SingaporeSingapore National Stadium$144
Jan 26, 2024SingaporeSingapore National Stadium$137
Jan 27, 2024SingaporeSingapore National Stadium$146
Jan 30, 2024SingaporeSingapore National Stadium$105
Jan 31, 2024SingaporeSingapore National Stadium$127
Feb 3, 2024BangkokRajamangala National Stadium$342
Feb 4, 2024BangkokRajamangala National Stadium$324
Jun 8, 2024AthensOlympic Athletic Center of Athens$289
Jun 9, 2024AthensOlympic Athletic Center of Athens$234
Jun 12, 2024BucharestArena Nationala$210
Jun 13, 2024BucurestiNational Arena$235
Jun 16, 2024BudapestPuskas Arena$171
Jun 18, 2024BudapestPuskas Arena$172
Jun 19, 2024BudapestPuskas Arena$158
Jun 22, 2024LyonGroupama Stadium-
Jun 23, 2024LyonGroupama Stadium-
Jun 25, 2024LyonGroupama Stadium-
Jul 12, 2024RomeStadio Olimpico (Roma)$269
Jul 13, 2024RomeStadio Olimpico (Roma)$318
Jul 15, 2024RomeStadio Olimpico (Roma)$319
Jul 16, 2024RomeStadio Olimpico (Roma)$328
Jul 20, 2024DusseldorfMerkur Spiel Arena$276
Jul 21, 2024DusseldorfMerkur Spiel Arena$305
Jul 23, 2024DusseldorfMerkur Spiel Arena$244
Jul 27, 2024HelsingforsOlympic Stadium$281
Jul 28, 2024HelsingforsOlympic Stadium$247
Jul 30, 2024HelsingforsOlympic Stadium$299
Jul 31, 2024HelsingforsOlympic Stadium$320
Aug 15, 2024MunichOlympiastadion$280
Aug 17, 2024MunichOlympiastadion$188
Aug 18, 2024MunichOlympiastadion$279
Aug 21, 2024ViennaErnst Happel Stadion$198
Aug 22, 2024ViennaErnst Happel Stadion$169
Aug 24, 2024ViennaErnst Happel Stadium$221
Aug 25, 2024ViennaErnst Happel Stadium$230
Aug 29, 2024DublinCroke Park$449
Aug 30, 2024DublinCroke Park$629
Sep 1, 2024DublinCroke Park-
Sep 2, 2024DublinCroke Park$742
Oct 30, 2024MelbourneMarvel Stadium Docklands$353
Oct 31, 2024MelbourneMarvel Stadium Docklands$470

Performing At

Coldplay will be performing at these cities and venues in the upcoming Coldplay 2023 tour:
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