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About Billie Eilish Tickets 2024

Billie Eilish's rise to prominence has been as swift as it has been all-conquering. The young American singer-songwriter has emerged to become one of the the most favourite artists in world music today and interest in seeing a Billie Eilish concert is immense.

Billie Eilish was born in Los Angeles in 2001 and by age 13 she was already writing and recording songs with her brother Finneas.

By 2016 she has been signed to Apple Music and their company Platoon but subsequently moved to Darkroom and Interscope with her EP Don't Smile at Me being released in 2017 and securing Billie Eilish chart success worlwide.

Debut Album

Her debut album came out in 2019 and went to number one in the United States and the UK and dozens of other countries and was critically acclaimed.

When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go sold four million copies in the US and proved a massive hit and a building block from which Billie Eilish has continued to grow.

On Tour

As an opening act for Florence and the Machine her popularity grew and this culminated in her mega selling single Bad Guy. It is by far one of her most recognizable songs and earned her two Grammy Awards.

Billie's Eilish's debut album also includes the song Bury a Friend, which is a fan favourite.

Oscar Winner

In 2020 her No Time to Die track, for the James Bond film of the same name, secured her an Oscar.

In 2021 her second album, Happier Than Ever, was another chart topper and includes massive selling singles such as My Future, Therefore I Am, Your Power, Lost Cause and NDA.

Grammy Awards

Though barely into her 20s Billie Eilish already has seven Grammy Awards to her name and is an influential figure, not just in musical terms but also when it comes to her activism on a number of fronts.

Billie Eilish Tour Dates

Billie Eilish has secured a massive following in a relatively short space of time and any world tour that she embarks on sells out immediately.

In 2017 her first tour played to smaller venues in an 11-date run but by 2022 for her Happier than Ever, The World Tour, she had graduated to a whole other sphere.

Happier Than Ever Tour

This tour comprises 91 concerts and has already seen Billie Eilish play to over 1 million fans.

She is also incredibly popular on the festival circuit.

Critical Acclaim

Any review of a Billie Eilish concert tends to lean towards the incredible side of the acclaim spectrum. She puts on a great performance and she certainly knows how to play to a crowd and a great experience is pretty much guaranteed.

Every venue she plays at is sold out and all Billie Eilish events are sold out in seconds and therefore SeatPick is your best option to pick up tickets to see her great show.

Billie Eilish Tour Tickets

Billie Eilish tickets are available at SeatPick and you can purchase tickets for any of the amazing events on her current tour.

Via SeatPick you can access a vast availability of tickets, whether in London, the United States of South America, basically wherever a Billie Eilish event is happening, you'll find the best priced tickets here.

Best Ticket Prices

The current average price for Billie Eilish tickets starts from 58 and you'll find the best priced options here at SeatPick.

To find tickets just check out the relevant information above and click on any link to tour dates that interest you and you can also state up to date on any forthcoming tours and tickets, as well as general news to do with Billie Eilish and her burgeoning career.

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