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The importance of Europe’s second most prestigious club competition cannot be understated. It is one of the top annual events in European football, so much so that many clubs channel all of their resources into winning this competition. Not only does the Europa League presents a shot at a major trophy, but it also provides an automatic route to Europe’s most prestigious competition – the Champions League. With the competition's popularity on the rise, demand has affected prices, and tickets tend to sell out quickly. Be sure to check prices with SeatPick before you buy so you are able to find the cheapest Europa League 2022/23 tickets on the web by comparing multiple sites at once.

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About UEFA Europa League Tickets 2022/23

Uefa Europa League 2022/23 Details

If you want to be considered in the league of Europe’s football big boys, you’ve got to be successful on the biggest stages. And the Europa League is another plausibility of glory if you are not eligible to compete on the biggest stage – which is the Champions League. Gone are the days when the Europa League was nothing more than a second fiddle tournament. Right now, it is even considered more significant than many domestic competitions because of the cash prize and opportunities at stake. All of the participating teams embrace the Europa League with a sense of competitiveness and enthusiasm, and this has made the tournament very thrilling more than ever. The Europa League is an alternative route to greatness, and its ever-evolving format ensures that there is always plenty at stake.

How to buy Uefa Europa League 2022/23 tickets?

If you are looking to buy Europa League Tickets, to any of the stages of the competition such as the Europa League Quarter Final Tickets, Europa League Semi-Final Tickets and the ultimate match which is the final, then you will be able to book your tickets on SeatPick for the Europa League in a few simple steps and find the best ticket prices on the market.
  1. Select the event that you are interested from the fixture list bellow
  2. Select the number of tickets you are interested in
  3. You can sort tickets by the best deal that is based on location, price and historical data or sort tickets by the cheapest deal
  4. Click on the "Buy tickets"- button
  5. Fill in your details and complete your purchase
  6. Next, you will receive a confirmation email and further details on how you will receive your tickets


The UEFA Europa League is a major European competition which was formerly called the UEFA Cup. It was founded in 1955 and 1972 in its current format. In 1999, the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup was scrapped and merged with the UEFA Cup. And in the 2004-05 season, a group stage round was added to the competition prior to the knockout phases, thereby producing an enlarged competition format. The competition took up the name “Europa League" for branding purposes. It is the second most prestigious competition for football clubs in Europe after the Champions League. The competition is designed for teams that didn't qualify for the CL. The tournament presents a rare opportunity for teams who didn't qualify for the biggest events. The whole idea of the Europa League is to ensure that teams stay relevant in Europe even if they’ve finished slightly below the Champions League places in their domestic standings.

Past Uefa Europa League Winners

Sevilla FC has the most wins in the competition, cementing the lead with the 6th win over Inter Milan with a 3–2 in the 2020 final edition of the competition. The match was an improvement to the year before, where the match was regarded as one of the most one-sided matches in history with Chelsea beating Arsenal 4-1. Other famous clubs with the most Europa League wins are Juventus, Internazionale, and FC Liverpool who won three Europa League titles each. Benfica is regarded as one of the most unsatisfied teams in Europa League history with 3 final appearances but the club never managed to lift the desired EL trophy. The club reached the final in 1983, 2013 and 2014, but all finals resulted in losses. Bellow, you can see a table with all the winners that won in this tournament.
Team Number of wins: Won in:
Sevilla 5 2006,2007,2014,2015,2016
Juventus 3 1977,1990,1993
Inter Milan 3 1991,1994,1998
Liverpool 3 1973,1976,2001
Atletico Madrid 3 2010,2012, 2018
Chelsea 2 2013, 2019
Borussia Monchengladbach 2 1975,1979
Tottenham Hotspur 2 1972,1984
Feyenoord 2 1974,2002
IFK Goteborg 2 1982,1987
Real Madrid 2 1985,1986
Parma 2 1995,1999
Porto 2 2003,2011
Anderlecht 1 1983
PSV 1 1978
Eintracht Frankfurt 1 1980
Ipwisch Town 1 1981
Bayer Leverkusen 1 1988
Napoli 1 1989
Ajax 1 1992
Bayern Munich 1 1996
Schalke 04 1 1997
Galatasaray 1 2000
Valencia 1 2004
CSKA Moscow 1 2005
Zenit Saint Petersburg 1 2008
Shakthar Donetsk 1 2009
Manchester United 1 2017

How are Europa League games being played?

It involves a two-leg contest whereby the two competing teams at any stage of the competition, other than the final, play a leg at their respective home grounds. However, unlike the UEFA Champions League, this competition has a knockout phase known as the round of 32 just after the group stages.

Eligibility and qualification

The journey to the UEFA Europa League final starts with some qualifying and knockout rounds. The qualifying rounds consist of five rounds (preliminary, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and a Playoff round). After the completion of the qualifying rounds, the group stages follow. The group stages consist of a total of 48 teams separated into 12 groups of 4 teams. All the teams that finish 3rd in the Champions League group stages (8 teams in total), will qualify automatically for the Europa League round of 32, where they will join the 24 teams that have qualified from the Europa League group stages. Finally, the knockout stages and the final will follow.

How much are Europa League final tickets

Football fans are more familiar with the Europa league these days, because of the level and quality of clubs participating in the competition, unlike yesteryears. And with so much at stake in the competition, ticket demands for the final have been outweighing the supply, due to the heightened interest in the competition. Unlike Europa League matches in the group stages or other rounds, the Europa League final doesn't come so cheap. And if you are interested in seeing the prestigious spectacle live, you've got to pay a little extra for your UEFA final tickets.
Official ticket prices range between $30- $145, depending on many factors such as seat location, age, membership category, VIP condition, and lot more.

The Historical Winners

The Europa League trophy has been contested by so many excellent teams of the past generations and has been won by so many exceptional sides too. One of the most recent dominant forces in the Europa League is Sevilla under the management of, current Arsenal Manager, Unai Emery. The great team from Seville, which boasted quality stars like Ever Banega, Kevin Gameiro, Steve N’Zonzi, and so many others, won three Europa League trophies back-to-back between 2013 and 2016. Sevilla has won the tournament on five occasions in total, while clubs like Liverpool, Internazionale, and Juventus have won it three times. From 2009 the tournament name was changed from UEFA Cup to UEFA Europa League. Liverpool, who have won the tournament on three occasions, has participated in four Europa League finals in total, while Sevilla has won all of the five finals they've played in.

Europa League ticket Prices

There is no fixed Europa League ticket price. This is because of the different participating teams and the different rounds involved. How much you pay for a Europa League match ticket is determined by the team you would like to watch. Once you are finally ready to catch a Europa League match live, you can check the club’s website to see the ticket prices. Alternatively, you can check out SeatPick for trusted ticket prices info, prices tend to start from 35 euro per ticket on the official sites, and on average range between 75 euro to 200 euro on the secondary market pending on the teams that play, if the English teams are involved, prices tend to be significantly higher.

Europa League Final tickets

In order to watch the Europa League final live in a major European city; you will need to buy Europa League final tickets. And you can get these tickets here on SeatPick. The last Europa League final was held at the Olympic Stadium in Baku, in Azerbaijan. The 2020 edition will be played at the Stadion Energa Gdansk in Poland. The UEFA Executive Committee will decide the venue for the 2021/22 final after two associations entered the bidding process. The final will be at either Boris Paichadze Dinamo Arena in Tbilisi or at the Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan in Seville.

Frequently Asked Questions about UEFA Europa League

How to get Europa Final tickets?

Just like any other major European competition, the Europa League is designed with an official calendar to cover matches across every round, and at the end of the competition awaits the Europa League Final. In order to get tickets to the final, you will need to apply through the official UEFA site or have applied to one of the qualifying teams that reached the final. The ballots for tickets to the final will usually open for applications for the general public on the official UEFA site around the month of March, ticket supply is relatively scarce and the demand is quite high, but this should be your first bet. Another outlet is the qualifying team's site, each club runs individual ballots, but in order to be able to apply for that ballot, you have to be a club member and attain a certain seniority level to even participate. Your third option is to buy your Europa League final tickets from safe marketplaces, this is where SeatPick’s platform comes in handy as it provides the best ticket prices on the market, by comparing real-time deals from safe ticket sellers with 100% or more ticket guarantee. Tickets for this event tend to sell out rather quickly so you better secure your tickets in advance from a secure source.

Champions Trophy final tickets?

The Europa League final, just like the CL final, is always played in a pre-selected venue in a major European city. The final isn’t just a night of football extravaganza, but also an opportunity to see the Champions trophy competed by some of the top European teams up close at a relatively cheaper price compared to the Champions League Final. All of these make the Europa final a worthwhile experience. As a result, the demand for tickets is always exceptionally high. You can buy your Europa League final tickets from SeatPick so that you can be one of the lucky supporters to see the Europa League trophy being lifted live.

When is the Europa League final?

One of the biggest matches of every football season is the Europa League final. And despite the fact that only a privileged few will be able to catch the match live; millions of fans are still interested in the date of the final and will tune in on their TVs on the said night. The last Europa League final was played on the 29th of May 2019 at the Olympic Stadium in Baku, between English giants Arsenal and Chelsea. The next edition of this exciting event will be played on 27 May 2020 at the Stadion Energa Gdansk in Poland. So, if you would like to join the rest of the supporters in cheering your favorite team to glory in Poland, come 2020, you should get your Europa League tickets 2020 as soon as they become available. You can check out SeatPick from time to time, for every update you need about Europa League matches and tickets. And have no worries! Our platform is transparent, easy to navigate, secure, and above all, we charge no hidden fees.

How to buy Europa League tickets?

Buying any Europa League ticket, except the UEFA final tickets, is similar to buying a ticket to any of your favorite club’s events. The first thing is to understand the official calendar of the club you are interested in watching live once the Europa League draw has been published. Once you know the official dates for the club’s Europa League matches, you can now find the event you are looking for and buy their Europa League tickets. When the match you want to see is a big game, rich in history, the prices usually tend to be high, because a big game usually implies a higher price. To buy, you can go to the respective club’s website to get tickets, but there are no guarantees that you will be successful with your attempts, especially if you are not a registered member or a season ticket holder. Alternatively, there is another ultimate option for you – SeatPick. SeatPick compares hundreds of ticket listings, searches between dozens of sites in order to find the best deal, and displays the safest sites to find you a secure deal. Therefore, the best way to buy your Europa League tickets is through the club’s website or via trusted platforms which you can find here on SeatPick.

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