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Is Ticketgum legit?

In this era of digital marketing, online marketplaces are becoming the new norm, and it is clear to see why buying tickets from a site like Ticketgum have gotten so popular.

With the ease of a click, you can see all the events that you could ever imagine and be able to access the tickets that you want with minimal effort.

This ticket buying process has taken over, and many customers are now buying their tickets from online marketplaces regularly. This trend has seen a rise in a number of companies trying to get into this lucrative business with a site and marketplace of their own. However, with so many options to choose from now, it can be difficult to decipher which places are trustworthy and which ones you should steer clear of.

This review will take a look at Tickegum to see if they are a reputable website to buy tickets from.

We will also determine if Ticketgum is reliable, safe, and legit, and find out what customers experience when buying tickets from them.

This company is one that has been around for a few years, and is not as established as some of the other big names out there – you know who they are – and we will see if they have what it takes to be in the events tickets game.


  • User-Friendly website
  • Discounted tickets
  • Wide European ticket selection
  • Customer guarantee
  • Well-known brand
  • Live Chat for questions and concerns
  • Works with travel agents


  • Booking Fees
  • Service Fees
  • No Paypal
  • Outdated payment processing
  • No customer support phone line
  • No mentioned refund

Who is Tickegum?

Tickegum has only been around for a short time, but in that time, they have been establishing themselves as a premium ticket supplier to its customers.

Run out of Douglas, the capital of the Isle of Man, this company aims to service sports fans with tickets to all European events.

Run by professionals in the field who want to share the gift of going to a live sports event with your family or friends with the rest of Europe.

Is Tickegum Easy To Use?

You can tell a lot about what a company values by taking a look at how much time and effort went into making their website user-friendly.

Some sites have awkward placements of items, no customer service support, and their site is difficult to navigate.

Ticketgum’s site, however, is thankfully not that kind of site. The site is clean and organized and laid out in an uncluttered way.

Their website is easy to use, with lots of categories for certain events, if you are looking for something coming up that you could attend.

Or, if you are searching for a specific event, you can use the search bar to put in the date, day, and event that you are looking for so you can go directly to it.

Ticketgum Homepage
The site focuses mainly on European Football – nice display of hot upcoming matches & Top Categories

Another great addition to their site is their discounted tickets. Online reselling sites can often have higher prices than the original ticket price, but there are some tickets that go “on-sale” with a lower rate than what they had before.

This allows you to get better tickets for a bit less, and it helps to counteract the fact that you will be paying booking and service fees when buying from any reseller.

This shows up when searching for tickets for an event, and it is shown in red, so you won’t miss it and you won’t have to search for it.

Currencies and Payment Methods

The currency that is used on this website is Euros, which is because they’re a British dependency, and that is the only currency used on the site.

This means that if you are buying internationally, you will have to convert your currency into Euros in order to know how much of your money it will translate to.

Although this may seem inconvenient, a quick Google search is all you’ll need.

The payment methods that are available are Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. These look to be the only methods of payment that are supported.

This is typical with most ticket sites, although American Express is not always accepted, one welcome addition would be to have Paypal as an option.

This secure payment process would be a good idea to add to ensure that customers feel protected when making a purchase. This could be something that should be added in the future.

Can I Find the Tickets I’m Looking For On Ticketgum?

Finding the tickets that you want is the reason you are looking at the site, so if you aren’t finding what you are looking for that is a negative on the part of the site itself.

Luckily, Ticketgum has a wide variety of tickets available for many different sports events. Their site caters to those looking for customers that are looking for European football tickets, and they definitely excel at that.

Ticketgum Event Page
Multiple ticket options & occasional tickets on special sale

If you are looking for FC Barcelona tickets, then click on their team page, and you will be directed to their tickets that are available for all their upcoming games.

You are likely to have many different options to choose from.

Are the Tickets Prices Fair On Ticketgum?

Like any other resellers, Ticketgum can have tickets that are priced higher than the original value. Also, the sellers are individuals using the site, and the prices are set by them, not by Ticketgum themselves. So, the prices tend to be on the higher side.

However, because the tickets that are on sale, you can still end up with a ticket that is not too much higher than the original ticket price. This also helps you to get a better ticket than you may have thought you could afford, for a lower price than expected.

There are some added expenses on top of the ticket price that you should think about before purchasing a ticket. There are service fees for the use of the site, and there are also booking fees that are added to the ticket price by payment processing.

This is to be expected with reselling sites, but these fees can be between 10-30% of the total price, which is steep, especially if you opt for closer seats. So, take these fees into account before making your final purchase.

What is the Ticketgum Guarantee?

The Ticketgum website has a customer guarantee that tickets will be delivered and authentic so that customers can rest assured that they will be getting what they are paying for.

They are a relatively newer company, so the long-term reliability isn’t yet known. However, the customer reviews so far have been positive for the most part, and people don’t seem to be having any problem getting and receiving tickets.

Ticketgum Guarantee Review
Ticketgum Guarantee

How to Contact Ticketgum?

Ticketgum has customer support for when you are in need of help when using their site. They have the typical contact form where you can leave your name, phone number, and email for the department you need help from so they can get back to you.

However, this often doesn’t prove to be too much help when you are on the site.

The site also has a live chat option available, and this is the best way to get immediate help when you are using the site to make a purchase. You do this by clicking on the green help button on the bottom left of the screen, this will have a pop-up chat that will allow you to talk to a customer support agent as you are making your purchase. Here, you can ask questions and get any issues solved on the spot.

Ticketgum Contact Review
Available Chat & Contact Form

The one thing that could be added is a phone number for a customer service line. This is currently not available for the site and leaves the contact form and the live chat as the only two options.

Although these are not bad options, it would be easier to have a hotline to call when you need immediate help without having to type out your questions or concerns.

Is Ticketgum Safe, Reliable, and Legit?

With the customer guarantee that they will receive their tickets and the customer support to solve any issues with your purchase, you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of.

Customers seem to have good things to say about their experiences so far, and the site has been gaining a reputation of being a great option for buying European sports tickets.

They also have good customer support for when you have any issues that you need to be taken care of. This will allow you to contact Ticketgum directly to get your concerns addressed.

Ticketgum also works with travel agents to ensure that you get your tickets and that your travel is taken care of as well.

Plus, with their secure payment processing, you can feel safe knowing that your information is encrypted and safe for processing.

What Are the Ticketgum reviews Online?

Ticketgum is still gaining a reputation, but so far, the Ticketgum Trustpilot reviews have many positive things to say about this company.

Overall, the reviews have 62% that rate the site as excellent, and 21% that rate it as great. This means that out of all the reviews, 83% are positive and the customers had great experiences with Ticketgum and would use them again.

There are a few concerns with the lack of Paypal payments and a customer service phone line, but overall, the good outweighs the bad.

There were also a small number of reviewers that mentioned issues with getting tickets, but because of the minuscule number of negative reviews, it seems that this incident may be a random mishap and not a typical issue.

Ticketgum Reviews. on Trustpilot
Overall good reviews on Review sites

Can I Trust Ticketgum That I Will Get My Tickets?

Ticketgum is safe, and reliable, and comes with great customer support and reviews.

So, it is safe to say that Ticketgum is a site that will get you what you need. With the great selection of tickets, you are highly likely to find the events you are looking, and you have the guarantee that Ticketgum will get your tickets to you no matter what.

This helps a customer feel secure in their purchase and willing to use the site again.

The Ticketgum guarantee says that you will be guaranteed to get your ticket after your payment has processed, and you will even be able to get travel arrangements with the sites affiliate travel agents that can help you plan your stay for the entirety of your event if needed.

Verdict on Ticketgum

It is reasonable to say that this site has had a good track record so far, and looks to continue that in the future. Building this company into a trustworthy brand that its customers can count on is the goal for Ticketgum, and they are on their way to becoming that.

With its guarantee of getting your tickets to you on time for your event and the already good track record, you can feel safe and secure that you will get the tickets you want and you will receive them in time for your event.

In the case of an unfortunate event, you can always contact the site’s customer support to help you through any issues you encounter so you can still get to your event even if there was a problem with getting the ticket.

Overall, Ticketgum is becoming a leader in its market for European football tickets and major sports events and their customers are their biggest advertisements.

With positive reviews being the norm, Tickegum is a safe, reliable, and legit way to purchase tickets for your next big event.