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Online Ticket Express Review – The Most Comprehensive Review Online



  • Secure website
  • A wide selection of tickets available
  • Variety of events to choose from
  • 125% money-back guarantee
  • Prices already include VAT
  • In business since 1994
  • Live chat available


  • No Paypal Function
  • Ticket prices vary
  • Poor customer service
  • Untrusted guarantees
  • Reputation for scamming
  • Negative customer reviews

In this digital era, online marketplaces are taking over the box offices, and there are so many that you have to choose from when you want tickets to a sports game or special event. However, with that large selection of sites to pick from comes with the issue of finding a source that is legitimate and reliable. This can be tough to look out for because there are so many reviews.

So, we took the time to take dive deep into the sites that sell these tickets to find out if they are doing what they say, and if customers are happy with the service and product that they were given. Not all ticket purchasing sites are the same, and they are not all created equal. This is a way to find out whether or not these sites are worth your time and money.

We will look into the site Online Ticket Express to see what their company is all about, and what kind of experiences their customers have had in the past so we can determine if this site is one of the good or one of the bad.

Who is Online Ticket Express?

Online Ticket Express is a site ran by a Europen CELEBRIA EVENTOS S.L. based company run out of Spain and has been operating since 1994. They have been around for a long time, and with that time comes experience. An older company has likely seen maybe of the flaws in their business and been able to remedy them. That is a plus, and it makes you feel more secure than ordering off of a new site with very few reviews.

However, although they have been around for a while, their customer reviews and reputation are definitely not showing them to be a reputable site. Many customers have had issues with payments, getting tickets, or getting ahold of customer service for refunds. So, we will have to take a closer look to see what’s happening behind the scenes.

Is the Online Ticket Express Site Easy To Use?

Having a user-friendly website these days is a must for any online business. You don’t want your customers to need a degree in computer science just to be able to navigate your site. Online Ticket Express has some good features like categories you can click on to take you to certain types of events, or a Top Teams area where you can easily find the best teams that are having upcoming games.

The site employes scarcity tactics – tags such as ‘Selling Fast’ creates a fake sense of urgency, often this not a true representation of the actual case.

However, overall, the site seems like it is a bit outdated. The look of the site resembles something from the late ’90s, early 2000s, and with all the website builders out there today it makes it look like they don’t care about the site. Not a good look for an online company. They even have some parts of their website where words are misspelt, or there are grammatical errors.

They do have a search bar to look for specific events, and the site itself is still relatively simple that it is easy to navigate. And, with the breakdown of the categories, finding the tickets you’re looking for isn’t a big feat.

Currencies and Payments


Because they are based out of Spain, many of their prices are in Euros, but many of the prices for shows and events are also shown in British Pounds. I don’t see anyway options to be able to change the currency for international buyers, but a quick google search will allow you to translate how much of your currency the price is.


Their site has multiple options for payments that include: Visa, Mastercard, CashU, DHL, and TNT. This allows you to pick which option will work best for you, instead of other sites that have only Visa or Mastercard options. However, one option that is not supported is the use of Paypal. This would be a welcomed addition to the site as another secure payment option.

Can I Find the Tickets I’m Looking For?

Online Ticket Express has a wide variety of tickets available at any given time, so finding the tickets you want is a fairly easy task. Although they do have a selection of tickets that are for comedy shows, concerts, and other events, they are focused more on sports games. And it shows.

A quick look at many of their concert ticket categories, you can see that many of them have nothing there, and it says that there are no tickets available. This doesn’t happen when looking for sports games, so it is mainly for those looking for football games and other sports events. If you are looking for FC Barcelona tickets, then you can look at the Top Teams category and they will be right there.

Are the Ticket Prices on Online Ticket Express Fair?

Like other online sellers, the prices can vary based on the individual seller and the popularity of the ticket or event. This can mean that some tickets are much more than the original value, especially with sold-out events where tickets are hard to come by. And, if you wait until the last minute to get tickets, you could end up paying an absorbent amount because the ticket is in high demand.

Compared to other sites though, Online Ticket Express actually has some of the lowest prices around. Their prices also include VAT (value-added tax) so that there isn’t another add-on after you click on the ticket for purchase. There will be booking and service fees, like most websites, as well so keep that in mind.

Although they do have lower prices, this can come with its own issues. There are many reviews online of people that never received their low-priced tickets, or got their order cancelled with no refund. So, beware of prices that seem too good to be true. 

What is the Online Ticket Express Guarantee?

The Online Ticket Express site has a 125% guarantee that will give you a 100% refund on tickets that are never received, and they will credit 25% toward your next ticket purchase. If you are in the unfortunate scenario of not getting your tickets, this does seem like a reasonable way to handle the situation.

However, with the number of reviews online of customers running into this issue, I would take this guarantee with a grain of salt. Many customers have reported that they never received their tickets, and are waiting on refunds that won’t come. This seems to be a recurring issue, and it may negate the guarantee completely.

How to Contact Online Ticket Express?

If you need any help with your purchase while on the site, there is a customer service phone number you can call. However, because they’re based in Spain, if you are calling internationally then it can get a bit pricey. Plus, they don’t have an international number for those that are in a different time zone, which makes reaching them even more difficult.

+34-931 221 229

There is also a live chat that you can access on the site, however, it is not meant for questions and concerns of the customer service variety, and instead is for sales. There is also a contact page where you can leave a name, phone number, and email for the support team to get back to you, but this isn’t as helpful when you just need a bit of help purchasing your ticket then and there.

Is Online Ticket Express Safe, Reliable, and Legit?

This question is a tough one to answer. On the one hand, they have been in business for a long time and have had many customers say that they have had a good experience with the site for many years. They also have a secure site so that your information is safe.

However, there is also a growing number of terrible reviews online stating that customers have waited for tickets that never came, or they were told that their purchase was cancelled due to “security concerns” and they were never refunded. Horror stories like this leave a bad taste in customers mouths.

This makes is difficult to determine if you will get what you paid for or not. But I think that it would be safer to err on the side of caution when making a purchase on this site. There are just too many bad reviews for someone to feel comfortable giving them their money. Also, they have been known to have unresponsive customer service support, which is another bad sign.

Online Ticket Express reviews – Trustpilot and more

As I have mentioned above, this company has had multiple issues with having bad reviews posted online. This has been a consistent trend that may make you wonder whether or not it is worth the risk to buy from their site.

Online Ticket Express - Trustpilot
Online Ticket Express – Trustpilot – a high percentage of reviews that are Bad

Their companies Trustpilot reviews show that only 13% of customers rated their experience as excellent, and 8% rated it as great. But a whopping 74% rated their experience as bad. Many of their irate customers were left with international travel expenses with no game to go to, and no refund on their tickets.

There were also multiple people that were told their purchase was flagged as a security concern and outright cancelled with the customer still waiting for their refund. And although there are some good reviews, some of them might be paid reviews with only a few words stating they have an excellent site or are a good company, not reviews from actual customers telling of their good experience.

Also, their website shows the Trustpilot review as having five stars, yet on the Trustpilot website, their company has a lowly one star. I don’t know how they get away with it, but that is just dishonest.

Online Ticket Express – sitejabber reviews – better reviews but needs to be taken with a grain of salt

Can I Trust Online Ticket Express That I Will Get My Tickets?

The site does have their 125% guarantee that may make you feel a little better about buying a ticket on the site even if you’ve never used it before. They have also been around for a long time and have had customers with great experiences with the company who have gotten good seats for the game they wanted.

However, with the number of bad customer reviews saying that the guarantee doesn’t mean anything if you can’t get ahold of them for that refund if you don’t get your tickets. And, this seems to be the case in most cases.


With so many online ticket marketplaces to get tickets from, you might be better off going with someone else. With Online Ticket Express having a bad track record of not getting tickets to their customers, and then not giving refunds either, it seems that their shady practices have affected their customer’s experiences.

A quick look at their reviews on Trustpilot and you will see dozens of angered ex-customers telling their experiences of being left without tickets and no explanation of what is going on. It seems to be more of a scam than a marketplace, and customers are trying to warn others not to purchase from this site because of how horribly they were treated.

This won’t put your mind at ease, and it probably won’t make you want to have anything to do with Online Ticket Express. So, with this many bad reviews, how can you put your trust in them enough to spend your money with them?

I think that there is a reason why there are so many angry customers, and it is reason enough to take your business, and your wallet, elsewhere. There are many other sites that have a much better track record of keeping their promises to their buyers, and it would be wise to use one of those sites, and leave this site in the dust.

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