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Biography Guns N' Roses

Having previously been known as L.A. Guns and Hollywood Rose, The Guns N' Roses were formed in Los Angeles in the mid-1980s when Izzy Stradlin, Axl Rose, and Duff McKagan were joined by lead guitarist Slash, and after many local gigs, the band set about putting together and releasing their debut album which was released in 1987.

Appetite For Destruction

Appetite for Destruction was something of a slow burner, but with some help from MTV, it began to get some traction and ended up topping the US Billboard Charts and sold an astonishing 18 million copies in the United States alone.

Singles Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child O Mine and Paradise City proved huge, with Sweet Child O Mine topping the singles chart.

Most Dangerous Band In The World

Their edgy stage presence and unpredictable behaviour led to Guns N Roses being dubbed the most dangerous band in the world. That was a reputation that they very much looked to cultivate.

In 1998, the band released G N' R Lies, which also did well in the charts, and then in 1991, they enjoyed even more success.

Use Your Illusion 1 & 2

In September 1991, the band released two albums simultaneously, with Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II making it to numbers one and two on the US Billboard Charts.

The albums went on to sell a combined 14 million copies in the United States and included the monster hits Don't Cry, November Rain (with its famous video), Knockin' On Heaven's Door, and Live and Let Die.

Monster Tour

The band supported the release with a massive tour that saw the band play an astonishing 194 shows from 1991 to 1993.

The tour dates spanned 27 countries and led to all manner of problems, including riots and cancellations and some outspoken outbursts from Axl Rose.

The Spaghetti Incident was another commercial success, albeit not in the same league as their earlier hit albums.

Band Split

The band effectively split after the release, and members came and went with many recriminations between Axl Rose and his bandmates.

Chinese Democracy

The Guns N' Roses released their sixth studio album in 2008, some 15 years since their last, and it went on to sell over a million copies in the United States, but the likes of Slash, Duff McKagen, and Izzy Stradlin were nowhere to be seen.

The album is said to have been the most expensive rock album ever made but nonetheless received positive reviews.

Rock And Roll Hall of Fame

The Guns N' Roses were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012 and have been bestowed all manner of awards over the course of their extensive history.

They have won Billboard Music Awards and countless MTV Video Music Awards and have received four Grammy Award nominations.

The Guns N' Roses have sold more than 100 million records and are rightly considered one of the biggest bands in the history of modern music.

Guns N' Roses Tour Dates

Ever since their formation, Guns N' Roses have been known for their live shows. These have been known for being full of energy and a fair amount of menace, and a sense of not knowing what might happen next.

Every tour the band has undertaken has proven a success, and indeed, their 2016 Not In This Lifetime Tour became one of the highest-grossing of all time as the band played 175 concerts to an audience in excess of five and a half million.

This goes some way to illustrating the enduring legacy of the band, and as well as being one of the best-selling rock acts of all time, they know how to put on a show.

The chance to see the Guns N' Roses live is one you should not pass up. The veteran band are, of course, primarily followed by fans who have been loyally following them since the 1980s, but they have also worked to bring in a new audience, and as well as headlining major festivals, they still successfully sell out the largest arenas and stadiums in the world.

Their 2023 tour dates saw the Guns N' Roses play 50 shows across North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and fans who want to make sure they won't miss the opportunity to catch their upcoming concerts should make the most of what SeatPick has to offer.

Via our platform fans will be able to access an abundance of Guns N' Roses tickets as well as staying on top of key ticket information and tour announcements.

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