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FC Barcelona Keeps Their Title Dreams Alive.

True, FC Barcelona were again far from impressing last Saturday but they managed to capitalize on their advantage and quality against Viadolid and come out with the win with a score of a small 1:0, which left the club with a glimmer of hope to retain the La Liga championship title. With two games remaining until the end of the season.

After “managing to scratch three difficult points in this away match, Kike Setien’s team managed to narrow the gap from Real Madrid (although they have one missing game) to a single point, and the Catalan media tried to convey optimism in the hope that the players will catch the same encouragement.

The Fc Barcelona players will have to win the remaining two matches and pray for a slip by Real Madrid in the two remaining matches. “Don’t give up” are the messages that broadcast the headlines in the capital of Catalonia, where it is still believed that the title can be rewon.

At the same time, french star Griezmann was injured and will miss the remainder of the season in the La Liga, with hopes that he will rejoin the team in the Champions League quarter-finals that will take place at Lisbon in a tournament type playoff.

Barca will face either one of the following teams in the case that they manage to beat Napoli and will play either Bayern Munich or Chelsea. 

Other matches that will take place are Man City vs Real Madrid, Juventus vs Lyon, Bayern vs Chelsea Atalanta vs PSG and Leipzig vs Atletico Madrid.

After the match Fc Barcelona received some bad news, the tests conducted on Antoine Griezmann have revealed that he is indeed suffering from a right thigh injury, which will most likely cause him to miss the remaining two league rounds in the Spanish La Liga.

The French striker was substituted in the half in the Valladolid match on Saturday.

Barcelona will undergo further testing in the coming days to make sure that the injury is indeed severe, as reports are very contradictory, some media outlets in Catalonia claim that he will be eligible for the match against Napoli in the Champions League on August 8, others say that there is a slim chance of that happening.