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Premier League Ticket Prices: The Least Affordable Clubs

Premier League Ticket Prices: The Least Affordable Clubs

The Premier League sees fans from all walks of life flocking to the stadiums in their hundreds and thousands, all united in cheering their team to victory. In this exhilarating realm of football, the unveiling of Premier League ticket prices is an eagerly-anticipated moment for supporters across the globe, but which club has the most affordable Premier League Tickets and which are costing fans the most? SeatPick unveils all in this comprehensive study.

By sourcing ticket prices from club websites, we were able to crunch the numbers and determine the most and least affordable 2023/24 Premier League tickets. Here’s what we found. 

Which Clubs Have Had the Highest Rise in Premier League Season Ticket Prices?

Inflation has seen prices rising across the board, and Premier League season tickets are no exception — but which clubs have raised their prices the most significantly? 

  1. Fulham

London-based Fulham F.C. — who finished tenth in the 2022/23 Premier League — have had the highest increase in season ticket prices over the last year. Their most expensive season ticket has almost tripled in price from £1,050 to £3,000, a 186% price increase.

  1. West Ham United

Despite success winning the UEFA conference league, West Ham had a disappointing 2022/23 season in the Premier League, finishing 14th after two years in the top 10. Fans will also be less than pleased to hear that West Ham have had the second-highest price increase out of all the Premier League teams. The most expensive Premier League season ticket for West Ham supporters has risen in price by 58%, taking it from £1,025 to £1,620.

=3. Bournemouth and Brentford

In third place is Bournemouth, who placed 15th in their return to the Premier League in 2022/23. Premium season ticket prices for Bournemouth fans have risen by 35%, taking the price from £760 to £1,026. This is the club’s first price increase since 2015/16, and their first ticket price increase in the Premier League.

Sharing third place in the teams with the highest rise in Premier League season ticket prices is Brentford. Premium season tickets have also risen by 35%, resulting in a price increase from £549 to £740

5. Newcastle United

In an impressive feat, Newcastle United finished 4th in the 2022/23 Premier League season. However, less fortunately for fans, season ticket holders can expect to pay 30% higher prices for Newcastle United tickets in the upcoming season. The most expensive Premier League season tickets for supporters of this team have risen from £811 to over the 1,000 mark at £1,055.

6. Aston Villa

Aston Villa — who finished seventh in the 2022/23 season — have increased the price of their most expensive Premier League season tickets by 16%. Premium Aston Villa tickets have now gone from £752 to £869

=7. Everton and Burnley

In joint-seventh place is The Toffees, who increased the price of their most expensive Premier League season ticket by 10% this year. After a disappointing year, finishing 17th overall, fans may not be too pleased to hear that the most expensive Everton season tickets have increased from £625 to £690

Sharing seventh place with Everton is Burnley, who also raised prices of their most expensive Premier League season tickets by 10%. The highest cost fans can expect to pay for Burnley tickets has risen from £455 to £500

9. Wolverhampton Wanderers

Things are looking promising for Wolves, whose 2022/23 season took them from 20th to 13th position in the Premier League. Looking less positive is their prices, as the most expensive Premier League season ticket at Wolverhampton has risen from £786 to £844 (a 7% increase in price).

10. Nottingham Forest

The 2022/23 season saw Nottingham Forest return to the Premier League — finishing 16th overall. Perhaps as a result, Nottingham Forest tickets have increased in price by 6%, taking the cost of their most expensive Premier league tickets from £550 to £585

Clubs with the Most Expensive Premier League Season Tickets

Premier League clubs with the highest season ticket prices

We gathered data from the websites of all 20 Premier League clubs on the most expensive season tickets they had on sale. These 10 clubs were found to have the highest prices of them all. 

  1. Fulham

Fulham, who finished 10th in the 2022/23 season, are offering fans the opportunity to purchase Premier League season tickets for prices of up to £3,000. Seats in the ‘Platinum’ section of Craven Cottage’s new Riverside Stand are selling for this staggering amount, which is far higher than any other club’s most expensive Premier League season tickets. 

  1. Tottenham Hotspur

The cost of Premier League tickets for Tottenham Hotspur supporters looking to purchase season tickets has reached another tremendously high figure of £2,025. The good news for Tottenham fans is that this price has remained the same as last year, seeing a 0% increase. 

  1. Arsenal

Another London-based Premier League team makes its way into our top three most expensive Premier League tickets. Arsenal fans can expect to pay up to £1,895.50 for a season ticket in the 2023/24 season.

  1. West Ham United

While West Ham fall towards the bottom of the Premier League, their prices seem to do the opposite. Despite star player Declan Rice leaving the club to join Arsenal, West Ham still have the fourth-most-expensive Premier League season ticket prices, with the highest figure reaching £1,620

  1. Newcastle United

Not only did Newcastle United have the fifth-highest season ticket price increase out of all the Premier League teams, but they also have the fifth-most-expensive Premier League season ticket prices overall. The cost of a premium season ticket for Newcastle United fans can reach a whopping £1,055.

  1. Manchester City

Manchester City had a sensational season in 2022/23, winning a historic treble with incredible feats in the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and FA Cup. However, witnessing these spectacular events comes at a price, as Manchester City tickets place sixth in the most expensive Premier League season tickets. Fans can expect to pay up to £1,030 for the luxury of seeing the reigning champions take to the pitch. 

  1. Bournemouth

Bournemouth had a successful return to the Premier League, and after the appointment of new manager Andoli Iraola, fans are eagerly awaiting the upcoming season to see where The Cherries take things next. But for those looking to secure their seat in the stadium, it won’t necessarily be cheap — Bournemouth season tickets have reached a new height of £1,026 (for an executive seat).

  1. Manchester United

While the 2023/24 season has seen Manchester United raise some of their season ticket prices for the first time in 11 years, the most expensive tickets remain the same price, at £950. This is the eighth-most-expensive ticket on sale in the Premier League. 

  1. Chelsea

Chelsea is valued at $3.1 billion, making it the eighth-most valuable club in the world. It is also the eighth highest-earning club in the world, so it’s no surprise that prices for Chelsea tickets are also high. Premier League season tickets can cost Chelsea fans up to £940, with this price reflecting a seat in the East Upper section. 

  1. Brighton

Brighton — who placed sixth in the 2022/23 Premier League — round off our list of the top ten most expensive Premier League season tickets. If you’re looking to watch the Seagulls take to the pitch, be prepared for Brighton tickets to cost you up to £895

Clubs with the Lowest Premier League Season Ticket Prices

Premier League clubs with the lowest season ticket prices

While many clubs are raising their Premier League season ticket prices, many remain at the other end of the affordability scale, offering excellent value for money. These are the most affordable Premier League clubs for fans. 

  1. West Ham United

Although West Ham United have some of the most expensive tickets on offer, they also have some of the least expensive tickets — offering the cheapest season pass out of all the Premier League teams. The cheapest Premier League season ticket West Ham offer is just £310 (which is an impressive £1,310 cheaper than their most expensive seat!) 

  1. Burnley

Newly promoted to the Premier League in 2023, Burnley season tickets remain relatively affordable, priced at as little as £335 for the year. Burnley’s home stadium, Turf Moor, has been home to the team since 1883, making it the second-longest continuously used ground in English professional football.

  1. Manchester City

Reigning champions Manchester City hold not only one of the most expensive Premier League tickets but also one of the cheapest Premier League season tickets. The cheapest Manchester City season pass is priced at £385, just a small sum higher than the cheapest ticket at Burnley. 

  1. Sheffield United

Another promoted team in 2023 makes its way into the ten most affordable Premier League clubs — Sheffield United season tickets start from just £418. Sheffield’s home stadium, Bramall Lane, was opened in 1855, making it one of the oldest in the world that’s still hosting professional football matches to this day. 

  1. Brentford

Brentford — who finished ninth in the 2022/23 Premier League season — is one of the more affordable London-based clubs to support. The cheapest Premier League season ticket on offer at this club is just a pound more expensive than Sheffield United, at £419.

  1. Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest finished 14th in the 2022/23 season — making a powerful return to the Premier League. Fans of this team will also be pleased to hear that Nottingham Forest offers the sixth-cheapest season ticket the Premier League has to offer, coming in at £465.

  1. Luton Town

The third, and final, promoted team in 2023 also makes its way into the top ten most affordable Premier League teams. Luton Town 2023/24 season tickets start from £510, just £10 more expensive than the previous season. 

  1. Wolverhampton Wanderers

The Wolves finished 15th in the 2022/23 Premier League season, and eighth in our roundup of the most affordable Premier League season tickets! Wolverhampton offers season tickets with prices starting from £525

  1. Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace, who have been based at London’s Selhurst Park stadium since it opened in 1924, offer Premier League season tickets starting from £545. This makes Crystal Palace the ninth-most-affordable team to support. 

  1. Manchester United

Rounding off our top ten most affordable Premier League clubs is Manchester United, whose season tickets can be purchased for prices starting from as little as £559.

Which Clubs Have the Cheapest Premier League Match Tickets?

While many clubs are increasing their prices, some remain significantly more affordable than others. These are the clubs with the cheapest adult Premier League match tickets on sale.

Premier League clubs with the cheapest match day tickets
  1. Liverpool

Liverpool is leading the way in providing affordable match day tickets for fans. The cheapest Premier League match tickets at the club start from £9, making the world of live football matches far more accessible for Liverpool supporters. 

  1. Burnley

Burnley offers the second-cheapest Premier League match tickets. Whilst nearly double the cost of Liverpool’s cheapest ticket, Burnley’s £16 match-day ticket remains one of the cheapest in the Premier League.

  1. Fulham

Fulham was found to have the highest increase in Premier League season ticket prices (186%), as well as the most expensive ticket on offer in the Premier League (£3,000). However, luckily for fans, Fulham also offer the third cheapest match day ticket (£25) with no membership required. 

  1. Bournemouth

Bournemouth fans will also be pleased to hear that match-day ticket prices at this club are relatively cheap compared to other Premier League teams. Tickets start from £28, making them the fourth most affordable. 

  1. West Ham

West Ham not only has the cheapest Premier League season ticket (£310) but also the fifth-cheapest match day ticket. Fans can take to the stadium to witness West Ham in action for prices starting from £30.

The Football Fans Spending Most of Their Earnings on Premier League Season Tickets

The football fans spending most of their earnings on Premier League season tickets

We gathered data on gross median weekly earnings for each region in the UK to determine which local supporters have to spend the highest proportion of their weekly earnings to afford Premier League season tickets.

  1. Tottenham Hotspur

With the cheapest Tottenham season ticket being priced at £807, and earnings averaging around £18.15 per hour, local Tottenham fans would need to work 44 hours to afford a season ticket to support their team.

  1. Arsenal

Arsenal supporters would also need to spend more than a week’s worth of earnings to afford their team’s cheapest season ticket, which is priced at £973.50. The average earning in this region is £22.18 per hour, meaning Arsenal fans would need to work for 43 hours to afford a season ticket.

  1. Newcastle United

Earnings in Newcastle average £15.37 per hour. With the cheapest Newcastle United season ticket being priced at £600, fans in Newcastle can expect to spend around 39 hours worth of their salary on their ticket. This figure remains higher than the average working week of 37.5 hours. 

  1. Fulham

Fulham once again makes its way onto our list as the club’s fourth-most expensive club, relative to fans’ earnings. The average hourly income in Fulham is £16.31, and with the cheapest season ticket costing £595, fans can expect to spend at least 36 hours worth of earnings on their ticket.

  1. Aston Villa

Birmingham-based Aston Villa fans will be spending the fifth-highest proportion of their earnings on season tickets. The cheapest season ticket on offer at this club costs £610 and with hourly earnings averaging £16.78, Villa supporters would need to work 36 hours to purchase a ticket. 

How to Secure Premier League Tickets

Securing Premier League tickets can be a competitive and sometimes complex process, as demand often outweighs the available supply. Here are some steps you can take to increase your chances of getting tickets: 

Check the club website

Different clubs have different processes for securing tickets. The first thing you need to do is go directly to the club website and find out all the important details about availability, pricing, application dates, and procedures.

Use ticket marketplaces

Using ticket marketplaces offers a safe and cheap way to buy tickets, providing they are purchased from reputable sources. Be sure to check out ticket site reviews and ensure that 100% ticket guarantee is offered. 


Many Premier League clubs offer membership programmes which provide priority access to tickets, including match day and season tickets. Joining these programmes can give you an advantage in securing tickets. It’s also worth noting that some clubs offer different tiers of membership with varying levels of priority. 

Subscribe to ticket sale alerts

Ticket sales often occur in phases, with first-release tickets, second-release tickets, and so on. There might also be ticket sales for season ticket holders, club members, and the general public. Make sure you subscribe to ticket sale alerts so you receive text or email notifications about upcoming ticket sales and availability.

Choose your matches

The matches you choose to watch will play a big part in whether or not you manage to secure tickets. Attending away matches, or avoiding big games against popular opponents, is a great way to increase your chances of getting tickets.


  1. Ticket pricing for general admission was sourced for all 20 premier league clubs from the club website.* Most clubs operate a multi-category ticket system depending on the match opponent. The cheapest adult ticket overall (in the lowest category) was sourced. In addition, the most expensive ticket is in the top category. Tickets from 3rd party sources were not considered. Ticket prices for the 2022/23 season were collected on 23/01/2023, for 2023/24 the data was collected on 17/08/23.**
  2. The match-day ticket pricing for Man City and Man Utd was not readily available or disclosed by the club website for the 2022/23 season. Therefore, the different category pricing is difficult to gauge, the cheapest ticket and most expensive ticket was taken from the club website and verified across multiple sources. The most expensive ticket for Man United is excluded as it couldn’t be verified.
  3. Season ticket (cheapest and most expensive) pricing for 22/23 were sourced from Statista, for Season 23/24 they were sourced from official club websites. The most recent prices were taken (for some, such as Burnley, these were early bird prices). 
  4. Gross Median Weekly earnings per region in the UK were sourced from the ONS. For the affordability analysis, the earnings per hour were calculated based on the average actual weekly hours of work for full-time workers (seasonally adjusted) for 2022 (36.3 hours) from the ONS, which is the most recent complete data set.
  5. Reported is the number of working hours (based on the median hourly rate) needed to afford a ticket in the region of the premier league ticket as is how much the ticket cost is as a percentage of the gross weekly earnings per region.
  6. The “cheapest” ticket will vary depending on if you go to one game a season or go to several, due to the cost of the membership. Therefore, analysis has factored in a one-off game where the cost of the membership will heavily influence affordability and also the average cost per game if you were to attend 5 matches. 
  7. The difference in season ticket prices and general admission for the 23/24 season to the 22/23 season was analysed. For general ticket comparison, only the Premier League teams from last season that were not relegated were included. 

Please find the full dataset here.

This data was collected in August 2023 and is accurate as of then.

* Where ticket prices were not available on the club website they were sourced from reputable publications

** General Ticket prices for Luton Town are not yet available.