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UEFA and football clubs plan to cap away ticket prices

Major football clubs around Europe are working alongside UEFA in order to cap away ticket prices for the top European club competitions.

UEFA and the ECA (the European Club Association) have started working on the price cap as a result of complaints that were made by fans from both Bayern Munich and Liverpool fans during their clashes with Anderlecht and Porto.

In a recent turn of events, Manchester United have decided to subsidise the ticket cost for fans traveling to Barcelona in order to watch Man U facing FC Barcelona at the Camp Nou which will be held on the 16th of April. United claimed to lower the cost for fans from £102 to £75.

“Keep football affordable for local fans”

According to the Associated Press former Manchester United goalkeeper and ECA Vice Chairman, emphasized the importance of lowering ticket prices at domestic and international competitions, “We have fans who watch on TV all around the world but I think it’s important that we keep football affordable for local fans so they can travel at home and abroad.”

This new direction is an interesting one to follow, the involvement of teams trying to subsides the price of tickets of away fans is a much-welcomed solution for fans.

Will this be enough?

Probably not, as demand for the latter stages of the Champions League and the Europa League will outstrip ticket supply.

As fans are not willing to forgo the opportunity to support their teams in the later stages of the competitions, they will need to resort to the resale market, where prices are set by supply and demand.

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