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The 8 Biggest Derby Matches in Europe & How to Buy Tickets

Football derbies are much more than just football matches. There’s often a huge historical significance to these rivalries, and the fervent supporters of both clubs create a fiery atmosphere in the stands which often spills over onto the pitch.

These matches capture the essence of local rivalries and the passion of the beautiful game. Continue reading to learn how SeatPick can be your one-stop shop to buy tickets to all the biggest derby matches in Europe.

In no particular order, here are the eight biggest derby matches in Europe as picked by us.

1. Real Madrid vs Barcelona

‘El Clasico’ is undoubtedly one of the most iconic football fixtures in the entire world.

600 km separates the two largest cities in Spain, but that distance does nothing to reduce the intensity of this rivalry. They’re the two most successful clubs in the history of Spanish football, winning 62 La Liga titles and 19 Champions League trophies (and counting) between them.

The rivalry between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid goes beyond football and has deep historical and cultural significance in Spain. Attending ‘El Clasico’ is a dream for fans all over the world, and that dream can become a reality on SeatPick. View available tickets for Real Madrid vs Barcelona here.

2. Manchester United vs Liverpool

This derby between Manchester United and Liverpool in the north-west of England is fueled by historical, geographical, and sporting factors. Just like Barcelona and Real Madrid in Spain, these two teams are the most decorated football clubs in the history of English football.

Whether the match takes place at Old Trafford or Anfield, you can be certain of a raucous atmosphere. Anything can happen when these two teams meet. For example, no-one could have predicted Liverpool’s remarkable 7-0 victory over Man United in the 2022/23 Premier League season.

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3. Ajax vs Feyenoord

Ajax and Feyenoord fans always look forward to De Klassieker (The Classic). It’s the main football rivalry of the Netherlands, reflecting the inter-city rivalry of the country’s two major cities: Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Their historic football feud transcends sport, reflecting regional, cultural, and social divisions between the two cities. It’s a thrilling experience to be among the fans when AFC Ajax and Feyenoord lock horns. Secure your seats on SeatPick today.

4. Celtic vs Rangers

The rivalry between Celtic FC and Rangers FC, often referred to as the “Old Firm” derby, is one of the most famous and intense football rivalries in the world. This fierce feud is deeply rooted in the history and culture of Scotland and has religious, political, and social dimensions.

Celtic and Rangers are situated in the city of Glasgow, and the passionate supporters make every match an unforgettable event for everyone in attendance. On SeatPick, it’s easy to find a match ticket at both Celtic Park and Ibrox.

5. Porto vs Benfica

In the country of Portugal, FC Porto vs Benfica SL is undoubtedly the biggest match on the football calendar. The clubs are from Porto and Lisbon and the rivalry between these two historic clubs goes far beyond football. The geographical rivalry between the cities makes matches between them a battle for supremacy between the north and south of the country.

There’s plenty of bitterness between the two sets of fans, and every tackle, header, and drop of sweat is fought over by the 22 players on the field. For everyone inside the stadium, there’s much more than just three points at stake.

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6. Borussia Dortmund vs Schalke 04

Often referred to as the ‘Revierderby’, Borussia Dortmund vs Schalke 04 is arguably the most heated and historic rivalry in all of German football. Only 20 miles separates these fierce rivals in the Ruhr region of Germany.

They may not be challenging one another for the Bundesliga title, but that takes nothing away from the intensity of this fixture. Both sets of fans are renowned for their dedication to supporting their team, and it’s always a remarkable spectacle when they face off.

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7. Inter Milan vs AC Milan

The Derby della Madonnina is another derby that sustains itself without the heaviness of political and religious differences. Instead, this rivalry has been built on a mutual unrelenting desire for trophies and prestige. They’ve each won 19 Serie A titles.

Both Inter and AC Milan have called the San Siro stadium their home since 1947, and the derby between them has remained one of the most notable rivalries in world football for decades.

8. Paris Saint-Germain vs Marseille

Lastly, we move to France to pay homage to a rivalry that pits the country’s two most successful clubs against one another. Paris Saint-Germain and Marseille are teams with contrasting identities. The narrative holds that Marseille is a working-class city with a proud footballing legacy, while PSG is a club centred around the glitz and glamour that is synonymous with the city of Paris.

The Marseille fans in particular are renowned for creating a frightening atmosphere whenever PSG make the journey south. It’s the newest of the eight rivalries, because PSG only came into existence in 1970.

How to Buy Tickets to Derby Matches Around Europe

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