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The Cheapest Champions League Away Days

Amid reports that Atlético Madrid have “slammed” Celtic for their Champions League ticket prices for this season, Seatpick sought to uncover which British team has got the cheapest away day tickets for their respective group stage games.

The Champions League is set to kick off this week (19th September), with Newcastle United back in the competition after 20 years  – SeatPick has analysed flight data in conjunction with ticket prices, to find which British team is lucky enough to have the cheapest away day of the tournament. 

Key findings on Champions League away days

  • Lazio v Celtic on 28th November is the cheapest away day of all British teams, with flights (£161) and a ticket (£48) costing £209 in total.
  • Sevilla v Arsenal on 24th October ranks second, totalling £239 for the cheapest flights (£64) and resale ticket (£175). 
  • Manchester United have the most expensive games – with Galatasaray v Manchester United currently standing at £1,039 for a resale ticket (£716) and the cheapest flights (£323). 
  • Bayern Munich v Manchester United is the cheapest away day this coming week, totalling £588 for flights (£388) and a ticket (£200). 

The results on Champions League away days

MatchDateStarting ticket priceCheapest flight priceTotal
Lazio vs CelticNovember 28, 2023£48£161£209
Sevilla vs ArsenalOctober 24, 2023£175£64£239
PSG vs NewcastleNovember 28, 2023£102£173£275
Atletico Madrid vs CelticNovember 7, 2023£83£278£361
Borussia Dortmund vs NewcastleNovember 7, 2023£149£241£390
RB Leipzig vs Manchester CityOctober 4, 2023£127£296£423
Lens vs ArsenalOctober 3, 2023£382£81£463
PSV vs ArsenalDecember 12, 2023£414£80£494
Crvena Zvezda vs Manchester CityDecember 13, 2023£409£120£529
Bayern Munich vs Manchester UnitedSeptember 20, 2023£200£388£588
Feyenoord vs CelticSeptember 19, 2023£198£401£599
AC Milan vs Newcastle UnitedSeptember 19, 2023£149£539£688
Copenhagen vs Manchester UnitedNovember 8, 2023£460£280£740
Galatasaray vs Manchester UnitedNovember 29, 2023£716£323£1039
* All prices correct as of September 12, 2023.

Lazio v Celtic is the cheapest Champions League away day

Costing just £209 for the cheapest flight (£161) and ticket (£48), Lazio v Celtic on November 28th is currently the cheapest Champions League away day for this season’s group games. The cheapest flights from Glasgow to Rome currently stand at £161, with tickets for the game costing as little as £48 according to the ticket experts at Seatpick.

This game currently has the cheapest match ticket value of all Champions League group games – at almost half the price of Atletico Madrid v Celtic (£83). 

Sevilla v Arsenal on 24th October ranks second, currently costing £239 for a flight and a ticket. Although the match ticket is more than 3 times the price of Lazio v Celtic (£175), flights to Seville from London currently stand at just £64 – the cheapest of all away days analysed.

However, buying tickets for Sevilla v Arsenal soon will cost you almost half as much as tickets for Lens v Arsenal – which currently stands at £463 for a flight (£81) and match ticket (£382). 

In third is PSG v Newcastle, setting you back £275 for a flight (£173) and a resale match ticket (£102). Possibly Newcastle’s biggest game in their “group of death” it currently stands at almost a third cheaper than their second-cheapest away day vs Borussia Dortmund (£390). 

Atletico Madrid vs Celtic ranks fourth, currently setting you back £361 for a flight (£278) and a resale ticket (£83). Tickets to this game are currently the second cheapest of all Champions League away days, only behind Celtic’s cheapest away day (v Lazio) standing at £48.

Cheapest Champions League away days

Manchester United have the most expensive away days

Costing a staggering £1,039 currently, the most expensive Champions League away day for this year’s group stages is Galatasaray v Manchester United.

At the moment, a resale ticket for the Red Devils away game on 29th November would set you back a whopping £716 – the most expensive resale ticket of Champions League games so far. Resale tickets are also currently almost 4 times the price of tickets to see Bayern Munich vs Manchester United next week (£200), however flights to this game (£388) are a fifth (20%) more expensive. 

Bayern Munich vs Manchester United is the cheapest game next week 

Of the 3 away games next week, Bayern Munich v Manchester United is currently the cheapest option for a flight (£388) and resale match ticket (£200). Despite ranking as one of the most expensive away games of the group stages, largely due to the timings of the games, Munich v United (£588) is currently £11 cheaper than Feyenoord v Celtic (£599), and £100 cheaper than AC Milan v Newcastle United (£688). 

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  1. SeatPick sought to find out which British team has the cheapest Champions League away day for the group stages for the 2023/24 season. 
  2. Prices for flights from the away team city (London, Manchester, Newcastle or Glasgow) to the host city for Champions League away matches were sourced from a reputable online flight source. 
  3. The prices were gathered across the dates of the fixture for arrival on the day, if possible, at least 3-4 hours before kick-off depending on the distance of the airport to the stadium and for leaving the day after the match (with no single flight route lasting longer than 24hr)
  4. Best Prices (ideal route, timing, duration), Cheapest price and Fastest Route prices were collected to give an indication of the cost of traveling to the away match. For the purpose of this press release, the cheapest price was chosen. 
  5. The starting price of a matchday ticket was sourced internally using SeatPick’s data. 
  6. Prices are continuously changing and are correct as of 12/09/2023.
  7. Prices for Young Boys vs Manchester City not available as there are no direct routes from Manchester/ London to Bern.