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The 30-year curse is over: Liverpool are the Premier League champions

After 30 years without the title, Liverpool has won the English Championship title with a 23 point lead in the table after Chelsea’s surprising victory over Man City, the outgoing champion, which secured Liverpool the title officially with an unattainable point gap.

The team owners, Liverpool fans and the players did not want to celebrate at their home instead of the stadium, but the 19th championship in the club’s history came even before the next round where the newly appointed champions will be meeting Manchester City last season’s champions, where Liverpool will officially mark the win.

Kenny Dalglish, club legend responded to the Championship – “If you thought that it would take 30 years until the next time that Liverpool will win the league, you would have been probably taken to jail” said, in a solemn interview to BT, “it was a fantastic season – they represented Liverpool’s identity and deserved to win. They didn’t win 0:1, but rather they were impressive all along with dominant performances. “

Today Liverpool is the most exciting and successful football team on the globe. For the past 13 months, the club has won the European Championship (Champions League), the World Cup (World Cup Group), and now the English Premier League.

The titles were just the hallmark of what ensued over the course of five seasons, during which Liverpool turned from a fragile and disintegrated group into an uninhibited deadly machine.

German manager Jürgen Klopp, who stands on the lines at Enfield Stadium, is solely responsible for the revolution, and his name is rightly mentioned with the greatest coaches in the club’s history – Bill Shankley, Bob Paisley and Kenny Dalglish.

Jurgen added: “It’s a huge moment, I don’t really have the words to describe it,” Klopp muttered as tears flooded his eyes in an emotional interview to Sky Sports, minutes after Liverpool secured the win, seven cycles before the season ended. “I’m completely overwhelmed, I never thought I’d feel anything like it. It’s unbelievable, way beyond what I thought possible. Winning the championship with this club is an amazing thing. It’s for Kenny Dalglish, for Stevie (Gerrard), for everyone.

“True, it’s still hard outside, and many are suffering from the Corona situation, but we couldn’t help it and the players had a joyous outburst. It’s important to celebrate now, because those moments are memorable.

“The achievement is my players. What they have done in the last two or three years is something extraordinary. I myself did not wait 30 years for this championship, but it was a tremendous relief.”

A hero from the Black Forest

True Class

Klopp grew up in a small German town with 2,500 residents called Glatten, located in the Black Forest.

Colourful tiled houses are scattered on green hills, and in the centre of the town passes the Glatt River, from which it got its name. Next to the elementary school where Klopp was educated, and opposite the polished town hall building, is his childhood home: his façade is painted white, and his mother Elizabeth lives to this day.

A long way from home, but the German gentleman has proven that bringing the right hard-working and humble mental attiudte is what LFC needed all these years.

The reality could have been quite different if Klopp had accepted in 2014 the proposal to manage Manchester United. He decided against it, partly because his wife vetoed the move to Manchester. “She told him that United wasn’t right for her,” past player Phil Thompson said, “something felt strange to them. When the proposal came from Liverpool, a year later, Ole already said it was appropriate. That’s how he told me. It’s like he was destined for Liverpool.”

In many ways, the Merseysiders reminded Jurgen of Dortmund – a club that is affiliated with the working class and holds a respectable legacy and a broad fan base. He was stitched on Liverpool: When he entered Brendan Rodgers’ big shoes, his predecessor, Klopp asked them to be called “the normal one”, in contrast to the “special one” title Jose Mourinho – then Chelsea coach claimed.

“When I went to coach, I didn’t think I was going to revolutionize the world of football,” Klopp acknowledged, “I have never given excessive thought to football per se, but only for what I need to improve – readiness to run, increase pressure. I never dreamed of a championship.

Well, he definitely changed the trajectory of Liverpool and possibly the way teams will play football in the coming seasons, and as it looks right now this is not the end but just the beginning of the Klopp and Liverpool dynasty.

One thing is for sure he will never walk alone.

We defiantly can’t wait for fans to be able to come back to and celebrate these amazing moments together.

make sure you catch the newly crowned champions today in the Liverpool vs Man City matchup