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Champions League Final 2020 – knockout matches – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Postponing the EURO from this year to June of 2021 comes out to be one of the easier challenges that UEFA is facing at the moment.

Football’s governing body in Europe have multiple high-end tournaments that seem to be almost impossible to coordinate with the recent progression of the Coronavirus across Europe.

The Orginal date of the 2020 UEFA Champions League Final was set at 21:00 on Saturday, 30 May. With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic many matches and leagues have either been cancelled or rescheduled completely.

UEFA have tried to look at 7 different scenarios and the best “possible” date was thought to be June 27 and suggested to take place in a final four format.

The postponement of the Euro by a year should have indeed cleared space for the competitions to take place and brought to a conclusion by the end of July. But as the recent news on more countries shutting down and entering into quarantine, it seems very unlikely to be the case.

There are clear issues that arise:

  • For one, travelling between countries that are currently on lockdowns such as Italy, France, Spain and the United Kingdom is expected to follow suit.
  • Major scheduling conflicts for the top clubs between the European competitions and the domestic leagues.
  • Will fans actually be willing to travel to other countries and sit in a crowd of thousands of fans.
  • Next year’s qualifying rounds are set to take place at the end of June which is where UEFA believes there is a chance to schedule a knockout type of scenario.
  • Different regulations, some countries might be further ahead in the curve of the virus and with an entirely different containment situation and regulations which can send an entire team to a quarantine once they travelled to another country and there is no guarantee that regulations will ease quickly and restrictions will be lifted immediately after the resolution of the virus.

Let’s try and be optimistic for a moment and imagine that the cups do restart, the only possible solution is a playoff-type knockout situation in a neutral arena.

Where teams will need to forfeit significant revenue from home matches as well as being put in a possible situation where they are at a sportive disadvantage without their home crowd and a home leg.

UEFA would like both the UEFA Champions League & UEFA Europa League to be concluded before June 30th as next season’s 2020-21 Champions League preliminary stages take place on June 23, which adds another angle to their plans.

A glimpse of hope?

There is a driving force to schedule both tournaments’ semifinals and final over two weekends as a mini-tournament with the Champions League last four matches being played in Istanbul & the Europa League Final in Gdansk, the two original cities that are scheduled to host the finals for both competitions.

But, it seems as though this plan will not take place, the likelihood of the Turkish and Polish governments be prepared to welcome the supporters of four different teams is not high, to say the least, especially when most of the teams will hail from countries that have been under lockdown.

Unfortunately, it might be the first time that the Champions League & Europa League doesn’t have a winner.

Stay safe out there.

Below you can find a list with all the past results and Champions League Final Venues:

2020Atatürk Olympic Stadium, TurkeyTBC – Canceled?
2019Wanda MetropolitanoTottenham 0-2 Liverpool
2018NSC OlimpiyskiyReal Madrid 3-1Liverpool
2017Millennium StadiumReal Madrid 4-1 Juventus
2016San SiroReal Madrid 1-1 Atletico Madrid
2015Olympiastadion BerlinBarcelona 3-1 Juventus
2014Estadio da LuzReal Madrid 4-1 Atletico Madrid
2013Wembley StadiumBayern Munich 2-1 Borussia Dortmund
2012Allianz ArenaChelsea 1-1 Bayern Munich
2011Wembley StadiumBarcelona 3-1 Manchester United
2010Estadio Santiago BernabeuInter Milan 2-0 Bayern Munich
2009Stadio OlimpicoBarcelona 2-0 Manchester United
2008Luzhniki StadiumManchester United 0-0 Chelsea
2007OAKA StadiumAC Milan 2-1 Liverpool
2006Stade de FranceBarcelona 2-1 Arsenal
2005Ataturk Olympic StadiumLiverpool 3-3 AC Milan
2004Arena AufSchalkePorto 3-0 Monaco
2003Old TraffordAC Milan 0-0 Juventus
2002Hampden ParkReal Madrid 3-0 Valencia
2001San SiroBayern Munich 1-1 Valencia
2000Stade de FranceReal Madrid 3-0 Valencia
1999Camp NouManchester United 2-1 Bayern Munich
1998Amsterdam ArenAReal Madrid 1-0 Juventus
1997Olympiastadion MunichBorussia Dortmund 3-1 Juventus
1996Stadio OlimpicoJuventus 1-1 Ajax
1995Ernst Happel StadionAjax 1-0 AC Milan
1994OAKA StadiumAC Milan 4-0 Barcelona
1993Olympiastadion MunichOlympique Marseille 1-0 AC Milan
1992Wembley StadiumBarcelona 1-0 Sampdoria
1991Stadio San NicolaRed Star 0-0 Olympique Marseille
1990Prater StadionAC Milan 1-0 SL Benfica
1989Camp NouAC Milan 4-0 Steaua Bucharest
1988NeckarstadionPSV 0-0 Benfica
1987Prater StadionPorto 2-1 Bayern Munich
1986Estadio Ramon Sanchez PizjuanSteaua Bucharest 0-0 Barcelona
1985Heysel StadiumJuventus 1-0 Liverpool
1984Stadio OlimpicoLiverpool 1-1 Roma
1983OAKA StadiumHamburg 1-0 Juventus
1982De KuipAston Villa 1-0 Bayern Munich
1981Parc des PrincesLiverpool 1-0 Real Madrid
1980Estadio Santiago BernabeuNottingham Forest 1-0 Hamburg
1979Olympiastadion MunichNottingham Forest 1-0 Malmo
1978Wembley StadiumLiverpool 1-0 Club Brugge
1977Stadio OlimpicoLiverpool 3-1 Borussia Monchengladbach
1976Hampden ParkBayern Munich 1-0 Saint-Etienne
1975Parc des PrincesBayern Munich 2-0 Leeds United
1974Heysel StadiumBayern Munich 1-1 Atletico Madrid
1973Stadion Crvena ZvezdaAjax 1-0 Juventus
1972De KuipAjax 2-0 Inter Milan
1971Wembley StadiumAjax 2-0 Panathinaikos
1970San SiroFeyenoord 2-1 Celtic
1969Estadio Santiago BernabeuAC Milan 4-1 Ajax
1968Wembley StadiumManchester United 4-1 Benfica
1967Estadio NacionalCeltic 2-1 Inter Milan
1966Heysel StadiumReal Madrid 2-1 Partizan
1965San SiroInter Milan 1-0 Benfica
1964Prater StadionInter Milan 3-1 Real Madrid
1963Wembley StadiumAC Milan 2-1 Benfica
1962Olympisch StadionBenfica 5-3 Real Madrid
1961WankdorfstadionBenfica 3-2 Barcelona
1960Hampden ParkReal Madrid 7-3 Eintracht Frankfurt
1959NeckarstadionReal Madrid 2-0 Stade de Reims
1958Heysel StadiumReal Madrid 3-2 AC Milan
1957Estadio Santiago BernabeuReal Madrid 2-0 Fiorentina
1956Stade Velodrome ParisReal Madrid 4-3 Stade de Reims