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About Olympiastadion Tickets 2023/24

Berlin's Olympiastadion is one of the biggest and most iconic sports stadiums in Germany. It has a seating capacity of over 74,000 and is home to Bundesliga 2. club Hertha Berlin. The Euro 2024 final is set to take place at the Olympiastadion in Berlin on Sunday July 14, 2024. Fans hoping to buy tickets for this prestigious match can do so on SeatPick.

The Olympiastadion hosted the 2006 FIFA World Cup final and is set to host six matches at Euro 2024.

Olympiastadion History

The Olympiastadion was originally built for the 1936 Summer Olympics, which were held in Berlin. Designed by architect Werner March, the stadium was intended to showcase the grandeur of the Nazi regime. It's been Hertha Berlin's home since 1963 and regularly hosts German national team matches.

Over the years, the Olympiastadion has undergone renovations to modernise its facilities while preserving its historical significance. Significant renovations took place prior to the 1978 and 2006 World Cup tournaments.

Olympiastadion: A Euro 2024 Venue

The Olympiastadion was one of ten venues in Germany chosen to host Euro 2024 matches. It will host three group stage matches, one round of 16 match, a quarter-final, and the final itself. It has the biggest all-seated capacity of any stadium in Germany, and fans can buy Olympiastadion tickets right here on SeatPick.

These are the exact dates of Euro 2024 matches at Olympiastadion:

  • June 15: Spain vs Croatia (Group B)

  • June 21: Play-off Winner A vs Austria (Group D)

  • June 25: Netherlands vs Austria (Group D)

  • June 29: 2A vs 2B (Round of 16)

  • July 6: Quarter-final 3

  • July 14: Final

Frequently Asked Questions about Olympiastadion tickets

What is the Olympiastadion’s Capacity?

The Olympiastadion’s capacity is 77116.

Where is the Olympiastadion located?

The Olympiastadion is located at Berlin, Olympischer Platz 3, Germany

How far is the Olympiastadion from Berlin’s city center?

You can find the direction to the Olympiastadion here, if you are traveling to the event on event day, make sure to plan ahead and time your arrival to the Olympiastadion, as traffic to the venue can be anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

How much are tickets at Olympiastadion?

Olympiastadion ticket prices on the secondary market can vary based on several factors such as the location of the ticket in the stadium, the type of the event and supply and demand. Buying Olympiastadion tickets on average will usually cost about €89 per ticket.

Olympiastadion Details:

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