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Frequently Asked Questions about VfL Wolfsburg tickets

How to buy VfL Wolfsburg tickets?

SeatPick has the widest selection of options for fans hoping to buy VfL Wolfsburg tickets. Follow these steps to secure your seat:

  1. Make your way to the top of the page and select the VfL Wolfsburg game you want to buy tickets for.
  2. Determine the quantity of VfL Wolfsburg tickets you require before exploring all the ticket options from reputable ticket vendors. Sort the numerous listings by price or best deal. Alternatively, you can use the ‘VIP,’ ‘Benches,’ ‘Behind The Goal’, and ‘Away’ buttons to filter the tickets by seat location.
  3. Once you've narrowed in on your ideal ticket, proceed to checkout to finalise your purchase.

How to get VfL Wolfsburg away tickets?

Getting your hands on VfL Wolfsburg away tickets is no simple task. The available tickets for away supporters are limited, yet the interest is high. However, fans hoping to buy VfL Wolfsburg away tickets can easily do this through SeatPick. Pick the match you wish to attend and activate the 'away' filter to see nothing but VfL Wolfsburg away tickets for sale.

How much are VfL Wolfsburg tickets?

VfL Wolfsburg ticket prices change according to the team's recent form, whether they're playing a major rival, and your choice of seat within the stadium. Prices will regularly fluctuate over the course of the season. Typically, tickets for VfL Wolfsburg matches are available from $55 via SeatPick. Meanwhile, the average cost of a ticket is around $112.

Where do VfL Wolfsburg play their home games?

The home matches of VfL Wolfsburg are played at Volkswagen Arena in Wolfsburg, Germany. At full capacity, the venue can accommodate 30,000 supporters.

Is it safe to buy VfL Wolfsburg tickets on SeatPick?

Yes. SeatPick exclusively lists VfL Wolfsburg tickets that have been gathered from trusted ticket vendors, providing a minimum 100% money-back guarantee on every single listing.

How to get cheap VfL Wolfsburg tickets?

Your first option is to sign up for membership on the VfL Wolfsburg official site. If you're unable to buy VfL Wolfsburg match tickets from the club directly, then another way to buy cheap VfL Wolfsburg tickets is to try and time the market on SeatPick. We often see prices drop as the event nears, yet there are also times when buying your tickets well in advance can help you secure a bargain.

SeatPick is the perfect platform for those hoping to buy cheap VfL Wolfsburg tickets. We are constantly comparing prices across the ticket market to help VfL Wolfsburg supporters find the most secure and affordable options. If you can't buy VfL Wolfsburg tickets straight from the club, our platform offers the perfect solution.

How to buy VfL Wolfsburg tickets without a membership?

Buying Bundesliga tickets directly from the club is an impossible task without a season-ticket or a membership at hand. Also, just because you're a VfL Wolfsburg member doesn't mean you're guaranteed a ticket - and you'll only be permitted to buy one VfL Wolfsburg ticket per membership. That means you’ll require two VfL Wolfsburg membership cards to purchase two tickets.

SeatPick offers a solution to this problem - our brilliant platform is the ideal place to buy VfL Wolfsburg tickets as a non-member. Attend any match you want, without signing up for membership, by choosing to purchase your VfL Wolfsburg tickets via SeatPick.

VfL Wolfsburg Ticket Prices by Season

SeasonLocationAverage Ticket Price
2022-23 Volkswagen Arena$105
2021-22 Volkswagen Arena$92
2020-21 Volkswagen Arena$94
2019-20 Volkswagen Arena$101
2018-19 Volkswagen Arena$83
2017-18 Volkswagen Arena$95
2016-17 Volkswagen Arena$74

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