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Cheap AS Roma vs SS Lazio tickets are not easy to come by, especially when they play at Stadio Olimpico (Roma) Stadium. This derby is one of the most heated games in Rome and has seen amazing performances from both Giallorossi & the I Biancocelesti. Get tickets through safe sellers with SeatPick, compare only secure and verified sites in one place.

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About AS Roma vs SS Lazio Tickets 2022/23

Matches in the Serie A do not get much bigger than those that take place between AS Roma and SS Lazio, as both clubs have built up an intense rivalry over the years as they fight it out for bragging rights of the nation’s capital. Indeed, sharing the iconic Stadio Olimpico probably helps to intensify this particular rivalry as well, making this a hugely entertaining spectacle when the fixture does come around in the schedule.

AS Roma are one of Italy’s most successful teams when it comes down to domestic cup competition, although the league title is something that has eluded them in years gone by, however you can expect to see I Giallorossi competing at the very top for a place in European football at the very least.

I Biancocelesti are, perhaps, in the same category as their arch-nemesis, as they too have struggled in league competition for years when it comes down to league honours, although they have been rather prolific over the years in cup competitions. The club do, however, continuously qualify for continental football on a regular basis, switching between the Champions League and Europa League.

Of course, both Rome outfits share the iconic Stadio Olimpico venue, with 72,698 fans able to be fitted into the stands on matchday. When the date of this fixture comes around, a raucous and excited atmosphere that is unparalleled to any other can be expected as there will be no seat left available in the house and one that will see two sets of fans go at each other with passion as their sides both battle on the pitch for capital bragging rights.

Therefore, it is perhaps no surprise that the results between these two sides are often close, proving that matches between AS Roma and SS Lazio are often tight affairs. Nonetheless, there are some rather larger scorelines to have been produced as well. Some final scores in the past have included 1-1, 4-1, 0-3 and 3-1 on occasions.

A number of household names have played in the Derby della Capitale over the years, with the likes of Francesco Totti, Gabriel Batistuta, Hernan Crespo and Ciro Immobile all having featured at various times.

AS Roma versus SS Lazio at the Stadio Olimpico has all the ingredients to be one of the very best matches that can possibly be attended in the Serie A as the atmosphere and the fierce rivalry the two sides create can hardly be matched by any other side, therefore making it one that needs to be witnessed and experienced physically.

Frequently Asked Questions about AS Roma vs SS Lazio

How to buy cheap AS Roma vs SS Lazio tickets?

AS Roma vs SS Lazio ticket prices can be high at times, especially when they are sold out on the official site. However, there are still a few ways to get the cheapest AS Roma vs SS Lazio tickets at a reasonable price. One way is to apply for a Giallorossi member card or get the I Biancocelesti member card, then you can try the general ticket sale on one of the teams’ pages for home or away tickets depending on where the game will take place. If AS Roma vs SS Lazio game tickets are sold out at the box office, then you can find cheap AS Roma v SS Lazio tickets on SeatPick, where there are no additional hidden fees. You will be able to sort all the listings on the event page by clicking on the "sort by price" button and find the cheapest AS Roma versus SS Lazio tickets that are available on the web. On average, the ticket price for The Giallorossi vs The I Biancocelesti at Stadio Olimpico (Roma) or Stadio Olimpico (Roma) will cost an average of $184.

How much are AS Roma vs SS Lazio tickets cost?

If AS Roma and SS Lazio face each other, you can find their upcoming events listed on this page under the AS Roma vs SS Lazio games section. Clashes between The Giallorossi & The I Biancocelesti tend to fill up the stadium, as a result, the demand from the loyal fan base can drive prices up if both teams are in good form and in contention for the Serie A. Typically, when AS Roma play at home tickets will cost an average of $184. To watch a game hosted by SS Lazio, will usually cost about $101 per ticket during the season.

Where do AS Roma vs SS Lazio match takes place?

AS Roma plays all their home games at Stadio Olimpico (Roma) which is located in Rome, Italy. SS Lazio plays all their home games at Stadio Olimpico (Roma) which is located in Rome, Italy. To find more AS Roma games, you can visit the AS Roma page, for SS Lazio games go to our SS Lazio designated page where you can find the full schedule. You can find more events on our Rome and Rome pages.

AS Roma vs SS Lazio Ticket Prices 2020/2021

Below you can find how the cost of AS Roma vs SS Lazio tickets fluctuates during the season for each event. AS Roma vs SS Lazio ticket prices can vary greatly based on many factors such as the day of the week, the opponent team and supply and demand.

AS Roma vs SS LazioRome2020£160
SS Lazio vs AS RomaRome2020£160
AS Roma vs SS LazioRome2019£137
SS Lazio vs AS RomaRome2019£137
AS Roma vs SS LazioRome2018£157
SS Lazio vs AS RomaRome2018£195
AS Roma vs SS LazioRome2017£190
SS Lazio vs AS RomaRome2017£172
AS Roma vs SS LazioRome2016£152
SS Lazio vs AS RomaRome2016£142
AS Roma vs SS LazioRome2015£204
SS Lazio vs AS RomaRome2015£187

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