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Coppa Italia History

The Coppa Italia also is known as Italy Cup or officially known as TIM Cup is an Italian football cup competition. is one of Italy’s premier competitions to appear on the football schedule each season, with the tournament being played throughout the year to essentially determine which club can be called the best. Every club within the professional game can take part, therefore the possibility of some shocks and upsets being produced are available. Therefore, the format the competition follows helps to draw in some big crowds and keep demand for Coppa Italia tickets as high as possible. *Coppa Italia Tickets are 100% guaranteed. *Please note, make sure to check the Coppa Italia fixtures (Date & Time) are subject to change during the season according to the Italian football federation. Some of the most popular Coppa Italia Most Popular Tickets:

Top Achievements and Winners In the Coppa Italia

As with many tournaments across the world, there have been some teams to have dominated the competition ever since it was created and the Coppa Italia is no different. Juventus FC has been the most successful in the competition as they have managed to win it on no fewer than 13 times, whilst AS Roma have managed to lift the silverware on at least nine occasions. Inter Milan and SS Lazio have both obtained seven titles apiece, whereas ACF Fiorentina and SSC Napoli have both had six successes.

With the potential of a shock on the cards or matches that can provide an instant classic when played, there have been many memorable moments in the Coppa Italia. With a format that sees every side able to take part in the tournament, there have been a number of shocks to take place.

Memorable Moments In The Cup

For example, the 2019/20 edition of the competition saw some upsets and surprises take place in the Fourth Round of the tournament, with Perugia managing to overcome Sassuolo, whereas SPAL thumped then-relegation rivals Leece 5-1. The 2008/09 edition of the tournament saw Serie A sides Chievo and Palermo both go out to Serie C opponents, therefore reinforcing the saying that “anything can happen in Cup competition”.

Top Players Over The Years In The Coppa Italia

With a number of top Italian sides featuring in the Coppa Italia, there are always going to be many global superstars to make an appearance, whilst fans will also be able to get the chance to see some of the newest talents also make a name in certain fixtures within the tournament. Indeed, Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Andriy Shevchenko, Rui Costa, Ronaldo, Kaka, Gabriel Batistuta and so many others have all featured for their respective clubs over the decades.

Top Coaches During The Years In The Coppa Italia

There have been several legendary managers with huge reputations to have appeared in the Coppa Italia, as well. This has only helped to fuel the demand for Coppa Italia tickets over the years as fans will expect to see some top action in the competition. Individuals have included Jose Mourinho, Massimiliano Allegri, Rafa Benitez, Antonio Conte and Carlo Ancelotti although these men are just a very tiny sample of who has led their side in the tournament.

Key Facts about The Coppa Italia

The Coppa Italia is designed as a knockout tournament. 78 teams are competing in this tournament to win the Coppa Italia. Its first edition was held in 1922, but the second champions were not crowned until 1936. Juventus is the leading team with ten wins followed by As Roma with a total of 9 wins. The team that win s the cup will get the right to wear a "tricolore" cockade, and will also qualify for a UEFA Europa League spot for the next football season.

  • Cup Established: 1922
  • Number Of Teams participating: 78
  • Most Titles Won: Juventus FC (13)
  • Most Appearances made by players: Roberto Mancini (120 With Bolognia, Sampdoria And Lazio)
  • All Time Goal Scorer: Alessandro Altobelli (56 Goals With Brescia, Inter And Juventus)

Coppa Italia Winners by year

  • 1922: Vado (1)
  • 1926–27: Not awarded
  • 1935–36: Torino (1)
  • 1936–37: Genoa (1)
  • 1937–38: Juventus (1)
  • 1938–39: Internazionale (1)
  • 1939–40: Fiorentina (1)
  • 1940–41: Venezia (1)
  • 1941–42: Juventus (2)
  • 1942–43: Torino (2)
  • 1958: Lazio (1)
  • 1958–59: Juventus (3)
  • 1959–60: Juventus (4)
  • 1960–61: Fiorentina (2)
  • 1961–62: Napoli (1)
  • 1962–63: Atalanta (1)
  • 1963–64: Roma (1)
  • 1964–65: Juventus (5)
  • 1965–66: Fiorentina (3)
  • 1966–67: Milan (1)
  • 1967–68: Torino (3)
  • 1968–69: Roma (2)
  • 1969–70: Bologna (1)
  • 1970–71: Torino (4)
  • 1971–72: Milan (2)
  • 1972–73: Milan (3)
  • 1973–74: Bologna (2)
  • 1974–75: Fiorentina (4)
  • 1975–76: Napoli (2)
  • 1976–77: Milan (4)
  • 1977–78: Internazionale (2)
  • 1978–79: Juventus (6)
  • 1979–80: Roma (3)
  • 1980–81: Roma (4)
  • 1981–82: Internazionale (3)
  • 1982–83: Juventus (7)
  • 1983–84: Roma (5)
  • 1984–85: Sampdoria (1)
  • 1985–86: Roma (6)
  • 1986–87: Napoli (3)
  • 1987–88: Sampdoria (2)
  • 1988–89: Sampdoria (3)
  • 1989–90: Juventus (8)
  • 1990–91: Roma (7)
  • 1991–92: Parma (1)
  • 1992–93: Torino (5)
  • 1993–94: Sampdoria (4)
  • 1994–95: Juventus (9)
  • 1995–96: Fiorentina (5)
  • 1996–97: Vicenza (1)
  • 1997–98: Lazio (2)
  • 1998–99: Parma (2)
  • 1999–00: Lazio (3)
  • 2000–01: Fiorentina (6)
  • 2001–02: Parma (3)
  • 2002–03: Milan (5)
  • 2003–04: Lazio (4)
  • 2004–05: Internazionale (4)
  • 2005–06: Internazionale (5)
  • 2006–07: Roma (8)
  • 2007–08: Roma (9)
  • 2008–09: Lazio (5)
  • 2009–10: Internazionale (6)
  • 2010–11: Internazionale (7)
  • 2011–12: Napoli (4)
  • 2012–13: Lazio (6)
  • 2013–14: Napoli (5)
  • 2014–15: Juventus (10)
  • 2015–16: Juventus (11)
  • 2016–17: Juventus (12)
  • 2017–18: Juventus (13)
  • 2018–19: Lazio (7)
  • 2019–20: Napoli (6)

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How much is Coppa Italia Ticket Prices?

Coppa Italia 2021-2022 ticket prices on the market can vary depending on a number of factors. Tickets for The Coppa Italia will usually cost an average of £70 per ticket and as low as £35.

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