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Compare tickets to Sting from safe & secured marketplaces with 100% Ticket Guarantee.

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Sting Ticket prices can change quite a bit from show to show as they are affected by supply and demand, time of year, the city and the size of the venue. In the table below, you can find all the upcoming Sting tour dates, the events that take place in your city, and the ticket price trend for each Sting show from the past 24 hours. Once you decide on which event you would like to attend, you can scroll up this page, pick the Sting tour date that you are after and buy your Sting tickets.

EventMinMaxAvgTrend 24H
Sting Dresden£223£731£489
Sting Koln£99£559£293
Sting Erfurt£171£429£310
Sting Nimes£85£1290£297
Sting Hamburg£391£421£411
Sting Gothenburg£97£354£144
Sting Horsens£150£391£325
Sting Neu-Ulm£113£490£229
Sting Halle£107£429£263
Sting Berlin£107£601£282
Sting Chambord£128£1032£340
Sting Esch-Sur-Alzette£214£601£273
Sting Slavkov u Brna£110£335£208
Sting Munchen£101£473£142
Sting Bonn£78£387£137
Sting Wurzburg£113£473£263
Sting Maxeville£65£490£160
Sting Gent£189£601£427
Festival de Poupet Saint-Malo-du-Bois: Sting£214£601£343
Sting Mainz£111£370£148
Sting Stuttgart£124£473£212
Sting Tußling£113£482£206
Sting Parma£68£1290£260
Sting Warszawa£101£385£200
Sting Murcia£103£490£194
Sting Poblado Sancti Petri£119£1290£445
Sting Merida£75£856£237
Sting London£173£361£206
Sting London£144£509£203
Sting London£173£405£250
Sting London£138£439£220
Sting London£134£372£206
Sting Kosice - Juh£77£120£88
Sting Aix en Provence£82£396£137
Sting Toulouse£84£257£141
Sting Oberhausen£103£327£182
Sting Hamburg£120£567£288
Sting Leipzig£219£310£267
Sting Strasbourg£85£258£152
Sting Dijon£76£258£138

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